You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.


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Some days, I shine so bright, Unaware of whether My rays are reflected. Other days, I get exhausted, I cave. I crave A safe space To crawl into Where I know I am wanted and seen, But I’ve been Learning, Over and over, To not expect that space From anyone but me. My own arms are safety. Some days, that’s empowering. Other days, depressing. Out of the pain, I create beauty. It’s not easy. There are no easy answers. There’s only the wrong one That keeps trying to be right In my darkest moments, And it will never be. I have to believe There’s space for me In this world. Today, I’m going cold. Shivering. Questioning. Why am I The love of So many people’s lives? Who’s the love of mine? Why do I always leave After promising forever? I don’t know whether I really know how to love. Intimacy feels so rough, And the common thread Is me. I become a mirror For the horror and beauty, A magnet for every emotion, An empathetic distortion, A mangled version of myself In some approximation of love. It’s tough. Not everyone is like me. I learn quickly, Spread like wildfire. I burn brightly, Pray at the altar of desire. Maybe I belong on the stage, Inside bound pages, Displayed on a wall, After the curtain call. Maybe I’m meant to Inspire from far away. What I’m trying to say Is that maybe I’m not meant to be Special to anybody Through anything but art. Maybe I’m nobody’s mother. Maybe I’m nobody’s wife. In a way, that feels right. It also feels like a reason to give up. Like I’m meant to feel lonely Around other human beings. Never quite feeling seen, Chasing the dream Of being understood Through all these creations, Coming home to frustration. Home to my own eyes Telling me I’m beautiful, Which should be enough, But today, it isn’t. Is that wrong? To want someone To know and love my song? Keep singing it back to me When I forget? Look at me like I’m perfect When I know I’ll never be? A nest where I don’t feel Worried or lonely? Maybe that’s just not For a girl like me. Tears flow from my eyes. I soften my heart. I harden my resolve, Caress my scars. I’ve become good at healing, So good at being strong. And maybe it’s a weakness, But I’m tired of doing it alone.

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Please go easy on yourself, you really are doing better. I’m proud of you ❤️

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