You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.



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This is one of my most popular quotes. It’s amazing to see how far & wide this has traveled. Sadly some have plagiarised it. Others have tried to share a few additions & replaced some words. But life is short & too busy for me to chase these people down, at the moment anyway. My pet peeve is when they take my name off my quotes. I never get why that happens. But here’s the reason I am sharing this. One addition I had/have a huge problem with. Because it takes the original meaning & reason behind these words away. The goddess, the wild child, the fragile mess is the same but the ending goes … “Here I am trying to be the best version of myself”. It sounds fine. It makes sense. But no, no, no, no. That is not what this quote is about. This quote is not about being the best you can be. (The best in whose eyes, you need to ask yourself too). This quote is about self-acceptance. It’s not about performance. Essential Life is not about performance. This is one of the biggest hoaxes of our day & age. It’s not about pushing & reaching & stretching. It’s about settling in. It’s about coming home. It’s about removing the need to be anything else but what you are in the moment & be awake to that, responsible for it (holding it all), open, accepting. I post this quote whenever I feel like a walking contradiction. Whenever I feel like I am feeling my entire world within and I don’t want to edit anything. In some ways I am so strong. In some ways I feel so shaky, so unsure. This is life. This is what it is to be human. I don’t need to be better than what I am today. I need to settle into what I feel, allow it to have some space inside. Every time I do that the intensity of the feeling soon enough subsides. But when we try to be our best, we suppress, we self-edit, we choke, we banish parts of ourselves and therefore slowly feel the pain of disconnect. You are your best self when you say yes to who you are, when you stop trying to be someone else. When you stop marking yourself as the best or the worst or whatever. So here I am today, simply trying. Simply trying just to let myself live, with maturity, with forgiveness, with openness, with grace. Nothing needs be added. Xx

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If there’s one thing I’m grateful for in this life, it’s that every day is a second chance. We can leave behind yesterday’s swings-and-misses, wrong calls, left turns when we should have gone right. Same for the embarrassment, shame and regret that made us red-faced as a result. And not to mention the pity party we probably threw after. (Tell me I’m not alone with the pity party.) The important part is that we keep showing up for ourselves, tenacious in our growth and ongoing tries to be something – someone – better. Because what matters even more than “success” is that we keep our promises to ourselves, keep our faith in ourselves. We stay with it. We stay with us. And we try again, day after day after day. Actually, come to think of it, that right there *IS* success. Consistency and persistency over time, as my old boss says. That’s what I’m doing. I’m leaving yesterday there, bringing her lessons into today, and staying with it. Staying with the dream, a little more everyday. Staying with me. How about you? #alwaystrying #neverstuck #youarenotstuck #consistency #persistency #everydamnday

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Not only will you find that there is actually an ocean of gifts in solitude anyway, but more importantly, anyone or anything that is removed from your life as a result, only makes room for those people and things that you DESERVE…and you’ve got to know that you are worthy of not settling for less than that! And trust me when I say this…the sooner the better. Love & light, sweethearts 💗Leila #dontsettle#dontsettleforless#raiseyourstandards#knowyourworth#youdeservebetter#solitude#eboneedavis#warriorspirit#chronicillness#rebelthriver#mentalhealth#instadaily#empath#soulwork#healing#chronicpain#yoga#leilad#ellahicks#survivors#domesticviolence#rebelthrivertribe#ptsd#spirituality#lightworker#loveliveshere#encouragement#inspirationalquotes#thrive#rise

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