You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.


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I have felt sick in my stomach since yesterday evening. I could hardly sleep. We will be on our way in an hour. I feel worried. Memories of my middle girl going under general anesthesia snatch my full breaths, so that inside it all feels shallow right now. I feel so suffocatingly small when things like this arise. Powerless, vulnerable, wholly reliant on forces outside of me. I hate that feeling of crumbling inside. I hate how in the past it has consumed me and I have just resigned myself to it, as if this is just what it means to be alive in this world, as human, as woman, as mother. But I have been chopping away at this the past year, I have been challenging this sense of debilitating smallness when it comes up and wondering if I can write something else in its place. I have been fighting to. Today is one of those days. I am a mess inside but I refuse to have that feeling consume me. And so I hold it in place. I challenge myself to find the whole view of the mountain, rather than just the one that intimidates. I allow myself the space to feel intimidated for a moment. I want to keep things natural. But then when time’s up, time is up. And I allow myself and persuade myself to feel other things. In moments of high anxiety or fear, reminding ourselves that these are not all the feelings we are made of can offer us some much needed perspective. This is what I am in right now. This is also my sick feeling. It’s the fight and fine line between honouring my natural feelings and impulses and not being overwhelmed or controlled by them. I cried a little as I lay with Kika last night. But I laughed with her as well. She accidentally kicked me in the eye. That made me laugh. I tickled her back. We embraced. I worried some more and then I pulled her away from the edge of the bed as she tried to make her usual playful escape. One foot in what I am processing, one foot in here and now. Awake to both. Integrating both. This is how we grow our strength and resilience. This is how I am trying to meet life right now. Sick stomach, deep sighs, anxious imaginings every now and again, but all the good stuff as well, because we are all of it. We are mountain & valley & sun & moon.

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the journey has taught me that healing is not a race. this is not about who will get to the finish line faster. the reality is, as long as you are alive you WILL ALWAYS BE DOING THE WORK. this post isn’t about tolerating abuse, manipulation or tolerating toxic relationships. it’s about examining how we see people that we are doing life with and reminding ourselves that there once was a time when we were broken, insecure, confused, depressed, and simply feeling the ebbs and flows of being human. and not judging others for having the experiences we overcame. just because you arrived at your destination, doesn’t mean the people lagging behind, trying to fight through hardship and overcome hurdles and obstacles should be judged or “cut off” because they didn’t reach the final destination the same time as you. everyone deserves to heal at their own pace. the process cannot be rushed. and people cant be bullied into healing. we can love on them. have boundaries with them. support them. root for them. and listen to them. because there was most likely a time in your life when you needed the same support the folks around you need. — community chat: what does being supported through your journey look like?

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