You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.





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Think about your relationships… . Your relationships with significant others Your relationships with friends Your relationships with family Your relationships with hobbies . How many times have you acted a certain way to avoid ruining a relationship? How many times have you played ignorance to avoid uncomfortable situations? How many times in your day do you stretch your boundaries because it’s how people expect you to act? How many times do you put up with things that make you uneasy because if you don’t, it causes conflict? How many times do you smile and nod when inside you disagree? How many times do you wish you hadn’t? . In the past few weeks, I’ve started letting go of things I’ve been trying (uncomfortably) to hold on to: things that I used to do or people I was trying to maintain relationships with that just weren’t a fit. That not-so-wonderful guy who outwardly criticized my beliefs, the people who tore me down and used me as a punching bag, the people who didnt support me or reciprocate the same level of respect I offered them, the obsessive habits that served no purpose, the actions that only served to provide a safety net…letting go one by one. It is unbelievably exhausting trying to hold on to all the things that weigh you down. And oh so liberating to let go! . Set your boundaries. Set them high and set them firm. Don’t be something you aren’t: don’t put up with things that make you feel like less of a person, or believe that you aren’t good enough. And NO – setting boundaries does NOT mean that you’re close-minded or stuck inside your comfort zone. They exist to help us curate our lives and maintain standards for who we are and to what we give the most precious thing we have: our time. . Dont waste it. Don’t waste your precious time on people or actions or anything that doesnt deserve it. It might sting to let go, but a moment of discomfort is better than a lifetime of compromise. . . . #SetTheBar #Quotes #Quotestoliveby #igquotes #writersofig #truth #strength #beyou #setboundaries #time #quote #respect #relationships #life #lifequotes #live #friends #love #relationshipquotes #rant #girls #Yogastateofmind #regram from @rose_thorns1921

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