You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.



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We often assume that unforeseen, life-changing events are difficult ones. A diagnosis, a loss, etc. (And sometimes, they are.) And the converse: we often associate the “good” events with planning and work and commitment. But check it out: when things feel dark, and you’re not sure how to plan your way to the next place, sometimes you don’t need to DO anything… except remember to make a little room for magic. ✨ More on the topic of surprises: we’ve got Mystery Boxes for sale until tonight! Get 15 assorted cards for $35 (a $67 value) or 4 gifty things for $35 (a $60 value). Thrilling AND thrifty! Shop link in profile. #emilymcdowellandfriends #emilyonlife

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At Grief Fest, I told @katecbowler that I would be plagiarizing all of her best points but here I am crediting her for this quippy insight! ALL WE WANT IS TO SAY THE RIGHT THING, EVEN THOUGH WE NO THERE ARE NO MAGIC WORDS TO FIX IT. That urge we feel is not empathy, it’s pity. And ego! A few weeks ago, when I could have just *not talked* I instead said something along the lines of “we are so lucky to have had that love” to a person who was freshly widowed. 1) WHAT THE FUDGE NORA PEOPLE CALL THEIR OWN LUCK. AND 2) TALKING IS OPTIONAL!!! I know that, but still I was like, ya know, let’s just see if a sparkling insight can help here. Narrator: it did not help. learning to sit with our discomfort over the pain of others is the work of a lifetime, and trust me when I say I’m still working on it.

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