You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.



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“Taking care of myself doesn’t mean ‘me first.’ It means ‘me, too.’ And sometimes that means politely saying ‘no’ or ‘This isn’t going to work for me’ or ‘Let me get back to you at a time that will work better for me.’ Including yourself and your own needs in your decisions may feel awkward at first, but setting healthy boundaries is simply valuing our own time, health, and energy enough to show others how to value us, as well.” L.R.Knost . 📷 @fleurdelisspeaks 💞 ————————————————————— Please respect the work of authors, photographers, and artists. You are welcome to share provided you include appropriate credit and do not crop out author’s names from quote memes. Thank you. 🙂 #thegentleparent #parenting #children #life #kindness #Jesuslover #humanlover #feminism #socialjustice #equality #globalresponsibility #humanity #peace #sexualassaultsurvivor #cancer #NETcancer #cancerwarrior #books #coffee #quote #LRKnost . Fighting a rare, incurable cancer, but I’m still here!💞 L.R.

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Bravery means different things to different people. Taking it one day at a time and just being present can take a lot of courage.

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No exceptions.

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