You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.



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May you always remember what a remarkable thing you are…. #stitchedtogether #greetingcard

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quick update: the ending of 2019 was physically, emotionally and mentally exhausting. i began to feel uninterested in almost everything and kept taking unexpected breaks. i was at war with myself, trying to process if this was me lacking discipline, or if this was me experiencing burn-out. we live in a world where the messages all around us are to hustle non-stop and that sleep is for when you’re dead. there’s this idea that busyness is what produces fruit when the reality is being busy without being intentional is destructive and whatever comes from it will rot faster than it took to grow in first place. i am realizing that i need rest. i have been giving to others without giving to myself and once my passion and zeal started to simmer down, is when i realized what i’m facing is indeed burn-out and not a lack of discipline. so i’ve decided that i am going to be taking a break from instagram in order to rest. to unfold in silence. to date myself more. to silence the noise. and to dig deeper into myself without distraction. i’ll be active in my IG stories until i decide to post again but until then, i challenge you to define what rest looks like for 2020 and how you can tap into it’s healing powers moving forward. brb. 💙

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@youareluminous 🕊

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Often what we focus our attention on can become the only thing we’re able to see. If we focus on watching the seemingly endless news of violence in the world, the world can begin to feel threatening. If we focus on the horrific human suffering happening around the world, the world can begin to seem hopeless. 🌍 Yes, we need to pay attention, to see and acknowledge the reality that violence, famine, disaster, abuse of power, oppression, discrimination, and human suffering do exist, but if we also take the time to look deeper, to ‘look for the helpers’ as Fred Rogers so wisely put it, in the midst of the violence and suffering, we can shift our focus to see the good in the world. 🌍 Seeing the beautiful courage of those who walk boldly into the darkest places in our world, watching them carry the light of hope and help to the hopeless and helpless, witnessing the tenderness and generosity that humanity is capable of even in the worst of times, can help us to not only see and appreciate the beauty in this hurting world, but to become part of it. 🌎 Tolkien was so right when he wrote, ‘Some believe it is only great power that can hold evil in check, but that is not what I have found. It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love,’ and, ‘There’s still some good in this world…and it’s worth fighting for.’ 🌏 So instead of focusing on the darkness, let’s focus on the beauty today, my friends. Because there truly is still goodness and beauty in the world, and it really is worth fighting for. 🌍 L.R.Knost #seethegoodbethegood . 📷 @rebelthriver ————————————————— Please respect the work of authors, photographers, and artists. You are welcome to share provided you include appropriate credit and do not crop out author’s names from quote memes. Thank you. 🙂 #thegentleparent #parenting #children #life #kindness #Jesuslover #humanlover #feminism #socialjustice #equality #globalresponsibility #humanity #peace #sexualassaultsurvivor #cancer #NETcancer #cancerwarrior . Fighting a rare, incurable cancer, but I’m still here!💞 #LRKnost

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