You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.



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The thing about being in a relationship that is dominated by domestic violence is that your view of reality becomes warped. There is no doubt in your mind that you love them, but cannot understand why they are doing what they are doing. You rationalize it and make excuses for their bad behavior. Love does not seek to harm or cause pain. If you are being hurt this is not love. PLEASE know that YOU are worthy of love and respect. I know it is hard to imagine your life post this relationship, but you can go on and live a happy and free life. Far too often by the time you realize you are truly in an abusive relationship it becomes so much harder to get out of it. Love does not look like pain. You are so worthy of a life full of hope, peace, and love. Don’t settle. There is always a way out and a new path to take. xo Ella p.s. typo authors name is spelled Stephanie and fixed for future use #stephaniebennetthenry#love#abuse#chooseyou#domesticviolenceawareness#warriorspirit#chronicillness#rebelthriver#mentalhealthwarrior#instadaily#empath#soulwork#healing#chronicpainwarrior#yoga#rebelstrong#ellahicks#survivors#domesticviolence#rebelthrivertribe#ptsd#spirituality#lightworker#fromsurvivingtothriving#loveliveshere#wordsofencouragement#thrive#thriver#risingstrong

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Worrying about things that over you have no control over can lead to stress and less satisfaction in life. Your peace is more important than going out of your mind about situations you simply cannot change! Once you identify that you are worrying about something you can’t control, then you have confirmed that your anxiety or worry is completely unproductive and unhealthy. ~ It’s Time To Let It Go! Reposting @shaylars_way: … @miss_mental0 ~ ——————————————————————- #transformationsunday #fridayfeeling #letitgo #letitbe #outofyourcontrol #itiswhatitis #acceptance #nothinglastsforever #changeisinevitable #mentalhealthtips #mentalhealthjourney #teenmentalhealth #teenposts #teen #teengirl #teenboys #relatable #relatablememes #lifelessons #guidance #support #advice”

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Much love, darlings xx I am on my last post office run for all diary and calendar orders. Phew and yaaay. For all you lovelies in South Africa and other African countries where the posting to you is possible but it can take an incredibly long time, and you haven’t dmed me, please do, if you would like a digital version of either my 2020 calendar or diary. This is only on an invitation basis. I am not going to put up access to them directly on my shop but can send you the file on a custom order or one to one service via PayPal. Hopefully I can start doing that over the weekend to all of you who have shown keen interest already. And then this seasonal time and project is finally closed and time to get started on finishing my Messy Ladies Book which I return to with new experiences, new findings and new eyes. I will also open up enrolment for my first Soul reset of the year that will start mid February. Details of that coming soon. Much love again, darlings xx be well, be true, be good to you xxxx

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Just because you didn’t like the door you opened, doesn’t mean it was the wrong one. Just because you didn’t like the ache you found on the road you traveled for a few years doesn’t mean it was a mistake. _ You are reading this right now….this morning…so maybe the wrong door, or the wrong road, or the wrong choice that one night that one time…saved you. _ You don’t have the authority to look back and declare that door Z would have been better than F. So maybe you could stop beating yourself up about what ‘could have been’ and realize that you were being made for something, and saved for something…greater. _ Much to my disappointment there are no shortcuts. I know because I’ve tried every last one. And I’ve learned the long way home isn’t always that pretty…but it’s pretty damn beautiful. _ Oh and also…RELAX…every possible outcome was going to give you something you needed …and you don’t have that much control over any of it. Carry on. ❤️

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