You never know when the right words of encouragement will come along and give you a much needed boost. Here are five thoughtful and inspiring quotes from around the web.


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all of my life I’ve been told to wait. to be patient. to just let things happen on their own. all of my life I’ve been led to believe, that if it’s meant for me then I shouldn’t have to worry about anything. that if it’s written… it will occur. that it will come to me. and in all my years, I’ve been waiting… in all my years, I’ve let so many things pass me by. I’ve lost too much and I’ve gained… too little. I’ve given my soul and I’ve received barely anything back on return. so I don’t want to believe that if it’s meant to happen, then I should let things be on their own. let things come to me at their own pace. no. fuck that. if I have a dream I want to work on it. i want to believe in it. envision it for my own. I want to build on it. day by day. hour by hour. until one day, I wake up, look back and see all the progress I’ve made. I want to believe in myself and not just destiny. I want to trust what I’m capable of. trust what I know can be done. and it’s the same thing with you. I don’t want to wait around anymore. I don’t want to watch you slip through my hands. I want to work on us. day by day. hour by hour. I want to feed your heart and water your soul. I want to let things be but only because we let it be. because we want it to be. let me be your sun. your moon. your planet. let me be the lover you need. let me follow you. grow with you. heal with you. to fill the cracks and the void. let me love you and let me do it now… unconditionally and without regret. I don’t want to waste my time waiting around for you to be mine. I don’t want to sit around and wonder. let us sit on the sun with all reason, and let us create a place where all the things we want to happen… happen but only because we want them to and only because we put the effort in all the things we want to stay. #rmdrake

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Tag a friend who is your soulmate.

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We have to be so brave to move from one shore to another. The act of pushing off is altogether terrifying, as is the landing in an unfamiliar place. But what’s hardest, I think, is navigating the uncertain part in the middle – the point where we’ve gone too far to turn back, and yet there’s still so much distance to travel ahead. So with no anchor, no tether, maybe even no charted course, we’re left with no choice but to simply keep going. Toward the new. Toward the dawn. Toward the land of second chances. That’s the moment where we must pull out all of our courage – and have faith that we will get where we need to be, safely and intact. Let that faith guide you through the messy middle. Stay true to the vision of that life you want. And don’t ever give up before the miracle.

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