If you’ve been on social media at all the last few weeks, you have probably seen an abundance of memes about pumpkin spice, football and hoodie weather. In contrast, there are the rebuttals that it’s too soon for fall as August isn’t even over yet. It appears there are two very distinct camps to be in. Either you’re, “bring on fall” or “please never leave, summer!”


Fall signals school starting and schedules going back into place. For some, this is a welcome relief after weeks of an unstructured summer. For others, they are feeling the loneliness that school brings and having their kids away all day. The hours of sunlight slowly decrease each day, which can trigger depression. Fall is also the beginning of cold and flu season, the months that sickness plays tag throughout your family. You’re always on edge, wondering if you’ll be the next victim in germ roulette.


But fall is also when the days feel a bit slower and there is a certain feel to the air. The crisp mornings calling for a little more time in bed before starting the day. The evenings become shorter, the early darkness bringing your family in sooner. Fall is a season that feels like you can reach out and grab it, from the crunch of the leaves under your boots, to the bite in the air that can be soothed with a cozy scarf.


For the football fans – this is your time! Game day Saturdays are just around the corner. This is a much anticipated time to spend with friends reliving the college days (although generally at a moderate pace, if you’re smart). The cooler weather calls for sweatshirts and jackets, making you feel cozy and hugged in.

I, for one am happy to pack away my shorts. Baring my always super-white-never-tan-legs is my least favorite part of the summer season. Maybe if we had air conditioning I would be more apt to love summer as much as the summer lovers do. But when I spend the days feeling sweaty and not even a tan to show for it, I’m ready to call it quits after a few months. There are some days that are hot enough, it doesn’t matter how many layers you take off, you’re still hot. I love the fall days when I can put on a sweatshirt and head outside. The sun is a welcome feeling, taking the edge off the brisk air. The slight breeze is warm and inviting, unlike the hot air that feels stifling in mid-July.


Don’t get me wrong, I love the warm days of summer, but only for a certain amount of time. I love living in a place that allows us seasons. There is a beauty that comes with the rhythm and anticipation of change. Seeing the leaves change, knowing that their time on earth is coming to an end. There is a wonder in knowing that in a few months the buds will bloom, the sun will shine again and the bright green leaves will return. It feels like a renewal, and I love the thought of shedding my leaves and getting a fresh start each year.


Fall can be such a fleeting season, with snow anticipated at any moment. For those of us who are welcoming fall with open arms, we promise not to gloat for the five minutes that is fall. Even if fall isn’t your favorite time of year, we hope you’ll still join us for a pumpkin spice latte, all while embracing your favorite sweater.


Author Bio: Stacy Bronec is a high school counselor turned farmer’s wife and stay-at-home-mom. When she isn’t chasing her two kids around, she can be found hiding in her laundry room writing. She has been published on Her View From Home and you read more about her life in Montana at www.stacybronec.wordpress.com

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