Sometimes, life requires a palette cleanser. Some people exercise, some people meditate, and some people gaze at adorable GIFs of puppies until the cortisol levels in their body subside and their blood pressure returns to normal. We highly recommend it. Look at these puppers! So fluffy! So pure! Wooooosahhhhhh…

  1. Fluffy puppy walking
  2. Pug puppies
  3. Pit bull puppy
  4. Puppy dog blankie
  5. Puppy backstroke
  6. confused puppies
  7. English bulldog puppy
  8. Shiba Inu puppy
  9. Husky puppie playing with water bowl
  10. Shiba Inu puppy with Pikachu
  11. Puppy in bath tub
  12. Puppy enjoying heater
  13. Boo puppy
  14. Puppy sneeze
  15. bulldog puppy

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