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Feel Good Fix | He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother

CORRECTION Brotherly Walk

This past weekend, two brothers went for a walk. But instead of catching bugs, exploring their neighborhood, or finding mischief, these brothers had a singular purpose, cerebral palsy awareness. Hunter Gandee, 14, of Temeperance, Michigan, carried his 7 year old brother Braden who has cerebal palsy, for 40 miles, accompanied by friends, neighbors, and family.

Not only did they achieve their goal, they also gave us a beautiful example of brotherly love and devotion.

The next project Braden’s family is tackling is an attempt to have a handicap accessible playground built at his elementary school. Here’s a link, if you would like to help. You can also follow them on Facebook here.

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2 Comments on Feel Good Fix | He’s Not Heavy, He’s My Brother

  1. Brooklynn Breeann // June 24, 2014 at 11:15 am // Reply

    Such a great story, the love and support he has for his brother makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. And also thinking about how I need to show more love and support toward my own siblings <3 Good read!

  2. Such a gorgeous story of love and support. If only more people would cherish the things that REALLY matter in life more often instead of the most expensive handbag, the most popular celebrity gossip or the best car to drive. (Seriously?) Such an inspiring story. Thanks, Kati, for bringing this to our attention! 🙂

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