An 11-year old girl with a big heart and a creative mind wanted to do something to help her grandfather, and ended up becoming an inventor in her own right.

Lily Born noticed that her grandfather’s Parkinson’s was causing him to spill his drinks, and she decided to do something about it. She initially created a ceramic cup with three legs to help keep it upright on a table without tipping, and to keep it steady on uneven surfaces.  This evolved into a microwaveable, dishwasher-safe plastic cup that could be mass-produced called the Kangaroo Cup.

Kangaroo Cups_pic

Thanks to a successful Kickstarter project, Lily’s cups will soon be available to the public, and will prove to be invaluable to many who suffer from conditions that cause them unsteadiness, all because a little girl had an idea and decided to act on it.

Thank you, Lily, for showing us all what we can do when we put our minds to it!

For more information or to contribute, visit the Kangaroo Cups Kickstarter page and check out their Facebook page, too! The Kickstarter will end on July 8th.

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