This is Skye and his pal, Oliver the cat. We think they are pretty much the most adorable buddies ever.

Skye and Oliver 1 Skye and Oliver 2 Skye and Oliver 3 Skye and Oliver 4

Skye was rescued after his mother was hit by a car. When his initial rescuers were unsuccessful in getting him to eat, they contacted the nearby All For The Love Of Animals (AFTLOA), an animal rescue and sanctuary located in South Carolina for help.

According to Samantha Joedicke of AFTLOA, “We had some knowledge of deer and fawns as we are located in the country and experience them on a daily basis, and we feared he might be frozen or in distress.” Though not experienced with deer rescue, she quickly consulted with a wildlife expert, did a hasty Google search for acceptable foods, and rushed to the scene, goat milk in hand. Skye was very happy to see her and immediately began nursing on her ear. Knowing the first few days were critical, the AFTLOA staff worked hard to ensure that the hungry but otherwise healthy fawn was well cared for. After more research, Samantha realized the need for wildlife rehabilitation and rescue in their area. She says, “I immediately signed up to be a fawn rehabilitator – who knew there was such a thing and that I could be one! – and am currently filing additional paperwork to provide rehabilitation to other wildlife common to the area.”

As a wildlife rehabilitation facility, AFTLOA’s goal is to return animals to their natural environment, unless there are special needs (blindness, limited mobility, etc.) or in the case of Skye, imprintation, which would inhibit their ability to survive on their own. In that case, says Samantha, the animal will become part of AFTLOA’s sanctuary.

I confess, I’m a huge fan of their work as my own family was able to adopt our newest cat and bossiest addition through them. If you would like to help AFTLOA rescue, rehome, and rehabilitate animals in need of loving care, go here for more information. You can also find them on Facebook here.

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