This week, we bring you what may be the sweetest snuggles ever between a bull terrier and a toddler girl, Jimmy Fallon and Nicole Kidman’s missed connection – you won’t be able to control your feels, and an interview between a 12 year old boy with Asperger’s and his mother that will make you smile.

Little Girl & Bull Terrier Cuddle

This is what love looks like. The utter calm and patience of this bull terrier as his tiny human pats and snuggles and kisses him is unbelievably heartwarming.

Jimmy Fallon Discovers He Missed A Chance To Date Nicole Kidman

The look on his face! This entire exchange is priceless. Seriously, these two are adorable. The way they blush and then can’t even talk normally – it’s like watching a couple of 16 year olds.

12 Year Old Boy With Asperger’s Syndrome Interviews His Mother

In a beautiful short interview recorded StoryCorps, Joshua Littman, who has Asperger’s, asks his mother a series of direct, simple questions and the answers are lovely and profound.

If you liked this, you might also enjoy this piece by Barbara Sirois Doyle and her son Finn, 10 Things I Want You To Know About Asperger’s.

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