This week we bring you all sorts of beauty: a hedgehog having the tiniest birthday party ever, a brother and sister singing an exquisitely gorgeous acoustic cover in their kitchen, and a profound demonstration of the difference in how women perceive themselves and how others actually see them. Enjoy.

We love this hedgehog birthday bash for so many reasons. 1) Tiny things are awesome. 2) Hedgehogs are insanely cute. 3) We can all use the reminder that it is important to celebrate the little things. Small moments of joy are what make up a happy life.

And speaking of moments of joy, this brother and sister singing a cover of Hero by Family Of The Year definitely qualifies. The combination of their voices is piercingly beautiful. Nathan and Eva Leach:

This 3 minute video is so powerful. A sketch artist draws women according to their own descriptions of themselves and then again later as other people see them. The realization on these women’s faces when they see how others perceive them had us in tears – the good kind. It’s a part of Dove’s Real Beauty campaign.

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