Lovebombs from Katie_My secret to living well is my morning routine: I lie in bed a little longer than I should. Sometimes, I struggle with how lazy I must look. But I quiet my mind, give in to serenity, and languish for a while.

Despite my serious illnesses, I used to start my day rushed. A tank of anxiety. I always had a tight, panicked feeling in my chest, and thoughts raced in my brain. I accepted this as inevitable.

Eventually, I grew tired of feeling out of control and made a conscientious change.

My practice is simple. In bed, I list ten things I’m grateful for. Nothing is too small or too deep. I believe each one is brought to mind for a reason. When I finish, I re-read each of them and say, “Thank you for being part of my experience.” My final statement before I ground my feet to the floor and begin my day is, “This is it!”

Katie Lovebomb gratitude list

THIS IS IT! This moment is all that’s promised to us. Pain may be my reality, but suffering is a choice. So is gratitude! I start my day by cultivating positivity, and it has done more than I ever thought possible for my mental clarity. I believe in the power of intention and positive thought.

This is it

What are you grateful for?


Katie Lovebomb has traveled the US, first on tour as a performer, then years later, after battling chronic illness and losing a loved one to suicide, in a Pontiac Vibe. Both journeys had challenges but she found a way to include laughter and positivity. Her aim? To change the lives of all who paused in their busy lives to get to know the girl with the wide smile and pigtails. Now, she is dedicated to living in alignment with her purpose as a life coach, a transformational speaker and a writer. She offers programs to other chronically ill patients. Find her on, as well as on Facebook and Instagram.


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