This week in free and cheap reads:

Best-selling author of Pay It Forward Catherine Ryan Hyde brings us a gorgeously written tale of unexpected bonds and unbreakable love. When I Found You, $1.99 through the end of January.

When I Found You By Catherine Ryan Hyde“While duck hunting one morning, childless, middle-aged Nathan McCann finds a newborn abandoned in the woods. To his shock, the child—wrapped in a sweater and wearing a tiny knitted hat—is still alive. To his wife’s shock, Nathan wants to adopt the boy…but the child’s grandmother steps in. Nathan makes her promise, however, that one day she’ll bring the boy to meet him so he can reveal that he was the one who rescued him.

Fifteen years later, the widowered Nathan discovers the child abandoned once again—this time at his doorstep. Named Nat, the teenager has grown into a sullen delinquent whose grandmother can no longer tolerate him. Nathan agrees to care for Nat, and the two engage in a battle of wills that spans years. Still, the older man repeatedly assures the youngster that, unlike the rest of the world, he will never abandon him—not even when Nat suffers a trauma that changes both of their lives forever.

From the bestselling author of Pay It Forward comes When I Found You, an exquisite, emotional tale of the unexpected bonds that nothing in life can break.”

Deep within the rain forests of New Guinea, Don Mitchell tells the story of an indigenous people struggling with a changing world in his work of ethnographic fiction, A Red Woman Was Crying. Now $1.99.

A Red Woman Was Crying by Don Mitchell“Beautifully written, evocative, and utterly original, A Red Woman Was Crying takes the reader into the rich and complex internal lives of South Pacific rainforest cultivators – young and old, male and female, gentle and fierce – as they grapple with predatory miners, indifferent colonial masters, introduced religion, their own changing culture, their sometimes violent past, and the “other” who has come to live with them. Don Mitchell’s new collection of short stories, set among tribal people on Bougainville Island in the late 1960s, demystifies ethnography by turning it on its head. The narrators are Nagovisi – and it’s through their eyes that the reader knows the young American anthropologist, himself struggling with his identity as a Vietnam-era American, who’s come to to study their culture in a time of change.”

Looking for a deliciously creepy story? One reader says, “These are the kind of stories I’ve loved to read all my life.” In this novel by Richard Simms, young Erica discovers that the tales about the old house she and her family live in might just be true. Homesick, now FREE, Saturday, Jan. 3 through Monday, Jan. 5.

Homesick by Richard Simms“Over and over again, Erica told herself that she was crazy. There was nobody watching her at cheerleading practice. Or as she walked home. Or when she was stopping her handsy boyfriend at second base. It was just her overactive imagination, that was all.

Or was it?

She had heard the stories about what went on in her house generations before her family took up residence. But that was all they were—just stories, tall tales told and retold for the singular purpose of giving gullible young girls goosebumps.


They had to be. If they weren’t, what could she do? Who could she tell? Where could she hide? If even half of what she had heard was true… God. The thought alone made her sick. And, scarier still, it also made her home sick!”

How about a zombie tale with a twist? Charlie Mason brings us the story of Artemis, your typical teenage girl who just happens to be undead. What Became Of Her, now FREE Saturday, Jan. 3 through Monday, January 5.

What Became Of Her by Charlie Mason“Her mother killed her.
But that didn’t stop her.

The doctor and his wife loved her.
But that didn’t stop her.

The authorities attacked her.
But that didn’t stop her.

The Living Dead Girl would not—could not—be stopped.

Not until all the world had heard the message that even she didn’t know she had been sent to deliver.

Not until all the world had been made to pay.

Not until all the world knew what became of her.”

In Robert J. Crane’s series, The Girl In The Box, we meet 17 year old Sienna Nealon, who has been raised in isolation by her tyrannical mother. Through a series of events she cannot control, Sienna is thrust into an epic struggle between mutants with powers that are the stuff of legend. The first three books in this series are currently FREE here.

The Girl In The Box Series by Robert J CraneBooks included:

1. Alone
2. Untouched
3. Soulless

Sienna Nealon was a 17 year-old girl who had been held prisoner in her own house by her mother for twelve years. Then one day her mother vanished, and Sienna woke up to find two strange men in her home. On the run, unsure of who to turn to and discovering she possesses mysterious powers, Sienna finds herself pursued by a shadowy agency known as the Directorate and hunted by a vicious, bloodthirsty psychopath named Wolfe, each of which is determined to capture her for their own purposes…

Still haunted by her last encounter with Wolfe and searching for her mother, Sienna Nealon must put aside her personal struggles when a new threat emerges – Aleksandr Gavrikov, a metahuman so powerful, he could destroy entire cities – and he’s focused on bringing the Directorate to its knees.

After six months of intense training with the Directorate, Sienna Nealon finds herself on her first assignment – tracking a dangerous meta across the upper midwest. With Scott Byerly and Kat Forrest at her side, she’ll face new enemies and receive help from unlikely allies as she stumbles across the truth behind the shadowy organization known only as Omega.

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