Looking for a feel good fix? Go forth and do good. Your community and your heart will thank you.

1. Have a bake sale for mental health.

Everyone loves a good bake sale, and a bake sale that raises both awareness and funds for the treatment of mental illness is even better. The Depressed Cake Shop is concept built around cake, hope, compassion, and community. These pop-up events featuring gray colored treats are a delicious and fun way to combat the stigma surrounding depression and other mental illnesses while supporting charities dedicated to mental health. Visit the Depressed Cake Shop website for information and resources so that you can plan your own pop-up!

2. Have a bake sale to help end childhood hunger.

In the summer, especially, children who are not food-secure suffer. One in six children in this the United States goes hungry. Those who depend on school free-lunch programs to supplement their nutrition lose access to those programs when school gets out. Therefore, organizations like No Kid Hungry step in to help close the gap. You can help by having a bake sale to raise funds, and the information on how to get started is here on the No Kid Hungry website. Right now, C&H and Domino Sugar will match funds raised up to $50,000!

3. Make a blankie, comfort a child.

Project Linus, named after Charlie Brown’s blanket toting pal, aims to provide comfort to children in “hospitals, shelters, social service agencies, or anywhere that a child might be in need of a big hug.” After all, what is more comforting that a soft blanket made with love? There are Project Linus chapters in all 50 states. Blanket-making (you can find patterns on the Project Linus website here) is a great individual or family project. And when you help a child to feel safer, the world becomes a better place.

4. Support safe, affordable access to reproductive health care and services.

In any community, women and girls are safer when they have access to reproductive health care, including but not limited to birth control. Planned Parenthood, for many of us, is the option we turn to. And you can support Planned Parenthood without even leaving the couch, simply by texting your senators and representatives and by sending in a donation. More information on how to do so is on the Planned Parenthood website, here.

5. Promote literacy by making bedtime better for vulnerable children.

A comfy pair of pajamas and a good book can make any day better, and for some of society’s most vulnerable members – such as children in disenfranchised or under-served communities – the gift of a book and pjs can be magical. It can provide hope and stimulate a love of learning. The Pajama Program, which has chapters throughout the U.S., collects and gifts pajamas and books for children in need. Find out how to start a drive here, on their website.


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