We’ve made it to another Friday, and for that, friends, we deserve congratulations. Here’s a collection of satisfying, calming, and beautiful moments to help you unwind.

1. Cat having a cup of coffee in a bar, looking out the window

This cat knows what it’s all about, man.

2. Hummingbird drinking from a red bottle cap

Watch this tiny bird hovering and sipping from a tiny milk lid and feel your blood pressure lowering. You can hear its wings humming!

3. Mary Oliver reads her poem “Wild Geese”

If you’ve never read this gorgeous poem, go find it. Hearing the great Mary Oliver read her own words is just wonderful. It will soothe your tired heart.

4. Phoebe the pig wakes up from a leisurely snooze to eat a cookie

Can this be my life? Please?

5. Photographer Shane Black captures spectacular nature images on 32 state trip

Forget Chicken Soup For the Soul – this? Is visual Xanax.

Adventure Is Calling from Shane Black on Vimeo.

Have an idea for a Friday 5? We’re accepting submissions! Email us at sweatpantsandcoffee@gmail.com.

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