Sometimes, the most intriguing characters in a movie are not the ones who get center stage. Still, we can’t help wondering about their stories and speculating about what might have happened after the credits rolled. Here are five secondary characters whose movies we would gladly watch:

1. Neville Longbottom

In the Harry Potter series, he is portrayed as the bumbling yet brave friend with a tragic past (parents tortured into insanity by Death Eaters). He has truly poignant and heroic moments, but we want to know more. We’d love to see what Neville’s journey leading up to the climax of the films was like.


And? A fair number of Sweatpants & Coffee staffers have written their own head cannon involving a whimsical happily ever after for Neville and Luna Lovegood where they make babies and hunt Nargles together.


Plus, if the story picked up where it left off after Deathly Hallows, this is what Matthew Lewis, the actor who played Neville in the movies, looks like now. Just saying.

TORONTO, ON - JULY 12: Actor Matthew Lewis poses for a portrait session at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel on July 12, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

TORONTO, ON – JULY 12: Actor Matthew Lewis poses for a portrait session at The Fairmont Royal York Hotel on July 12, 2011 in Toronto, Canada. (Photo by George Pimentel/WireImage)

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2. Kit De Luca

Yes, yes, everyone remembers Julia Roberts’ now infamous dress in the modern day Cinderella-esque Pretty Woman. Not to mention her 44 inch legs. But what about her badass gal pal, Kit? Laura San Giacomo’s performance was amazing. Kit was funny and irreverent and savvy and she gave zero damns about what anyone thought of her. We would really like to know her story. How exactly did she end up on the streets? What happened to her after Vivian and Edward rode off into the sunset?

Kit_Deluca_1 Kit_Deluca_2
Kit_Deluca_3 Kit_Deluca_4
Kit_Deluca_5 Kit_Deluca_6
Kit_Deluca_7 Kit_Deluca_8
Kit_Deluca_9 Kit_Deluca_10

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3. Inigo Montoya

“Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” This may be the most oft quoted line from The Princess Bride, but our very favorite scene is this one:

Inigo_Montoya_1 Inigo_Montoya2
Inigo_Montoya3 Inigo_Montoya4
Inigo_Montoya5 Inigo_Montoya6
Inigo_Montoya7 Inigo_Montoya8

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We would love to see a movie about young Inigo, learning to master swordcraft in his quest to avenge his father. We’d even love to see the drunken bender he went on before The Man In Black finds him. And we’d definitely like to know if he decided to take up the mantle of the Dread Pirate Roberts after Buttercup and Westley have their happy ending.

4. Duckie Dale

Nerdy girls everywhere crushed on Jon Cryer’s Duckie Dale in Pretty In Pink. Even if Andie couldn’t appreciate him because she was still in the “he’s a douchebag but I can change him” phase of her dating evolution. (Sorry, Duckie – it’s a thing. We all go through it. Sadly.) What we need to know is, what happened to Duckie after prom? We’d love a movie where he goes on to be wildly successful writer who leads an exciting, bohemian life in New York and is sought after by artsy goth girls. Or something like that.

Movie stills from "Pretty in Pink". Duckie Dale 2Duckie Dale 3Duckie Dale 5Duckie Dale 6Duckie Dale 7


5. Alice Cullen

As a precognitive vampire who ends up being institutionalized before being rescued and eventually joining the Cullen family, Alice is one of the most interesting characters in the Twilight series. We find her story a LOT more compelling than Bella’s, that’s for sure. So, how come we don’t get to know more about her? We would totally watch a movie detailing Alice’s adventures, pre-Twilight. She’d be a strong, spunky heroine who wouldn’t need a man to constantly save her. How about that?


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