Good sleep is hard to find. As someone who regularly battles sleep with insomnia, anxiety, and being a light sleeper (in a house with 2 kids, 2 dogs, loud fish and other small pets) getting enough sleep on any given night is not easily done. You would think that just being generally exhausted from the day would be enough to have me passing out at the sight of my bed but no, I lay awake wondering what the heck I could do to go to sleep. At least I used to. This #FridayFive is a list I’ve literally been compiling for years. Trying this and doing that. Hot showers, sleep meds, tea’s; you name it and I have tried it. Creating a sleep routine with these five things has changed the way I fall asleep (and stayed asleep) forever. I hope they can help you guys catch a couple extra winks too.

1. Deep Sleep Pillow Spray $29 | thisworks

I’ve never really been someone who’s used aromatherapy as a means for anything other than clearing my sinuses when I’m sick. But I took a shot and bought this pillow spray thinking “why not?” and I’m so glad I did. It has the distinct smell of Lavender and Chamomile without being overwhelming. I get headaches easily so I’m really critical of scents, especially something that I’m supposed to spray on my pillow. It really does make you feel calmer and more relaxed. I’ve been using it for about 6 months now almost every night and I still have some left in the bottle. At this point, if I catch a whiff of it I always feel a little sleepier.

2. Natural Silk Sleep Mask $10 | ALASKA BEAR on Amazon

Another thing that I bought during one of my many 2 a.m. Amazon browsing sessions was this sleep mask. I was drawn to it for 2 reasons:

  1. The reviews said that it was light and easy on your skin. As someone who is prone to breakouts I appreciated that it could be washed and was made out of 100% natural silk. Which also cuts down on static electricity, just FYI.
  2. This could really keep my peepers from peepin’.

One of the things I’ve always struggled with is keeping my eyes shut while I’m trying to get my mind to slow down for the night. Naturally I find a light from a charger or from outside or from my sons room that I can see and I just can’t un-see it. I think that’s one of the reason I have become more of a stomach sleeper to be honest. But after I got this mask I was able to genuinely relax my face (you are working so many muscles when you’re trying to keep your eyes shut). Its adjustable so I make it just tight enough to stay on while I’m falling asleep and easily slide off after I’m out. I can’t leave home without it.

3. Calm | Meditation Phone App (For Apple and Android, Free Download with in-App purchase options)

This App is a complete game changer. Without question this has been the only reason that I have been able to fall asleep in less than 10 minutes (Yes, I am dead serious) since as long as I can remember. I did not ever think that I would be capable of meditation. I mean, I didn’t realize that there were different forms of meditation so that was something that this taught me. If we’re being honest I downloaded the app because I saw that it had different noises I could play, like rain, and I was just going to use it like a sound machine. But once I actually opened the app I saw this “7 days of Calm” series and decided to give it a shot. By day 3 I could not tell you how quickly I fell asleep, I just knew that it was less than the 10 minute session and it was so easy. But you have to be willing to follow the flow and actually try to do the breathing exercises.

There are several different meditation options, as well as an option to buy the full version that gives you access to all the sessions and other classes. That first session I suggested is a great way to start. Everything is guided by a soothing voice, you can choose what background noise you want (or none at all), what you want to work on (anxiety, sleep, patience, etc.) and it works. It essentially taught my brain to focus without me even realizing that I was learning anything. It has been life changing.

And this is not a sponsored post. I seriously did not believe in this but the results don’t lie. Just check it out.

4. Sleep Headphones Contour Series $18.97 | CozyPhones

These go hand-in-hand with the Calm App. I was just using my earbuds before but they become uncomfortable if you roll over and it seemed like no matter what I did my ears where always a little sore after I used them. I’ve had these headphones for about 2 weeks and I’m loving them. The headband is comfortable, it breathes well, and you can’t even feel the speakers in them. The only thing I didn’t think about is that they are wired so if you’re a toss and turning kinda person then you may pull them out by accident. I haven’t done it yet because the cord is a good length, but I can see how it could happen.

5. The Pillow $55 | Casper

OK, I will be the first one to say that I would have never thought I would EVER pay $55 for a pillow. I already hear you on that. BUT this is an investment piece. Think about how often you buy a new pillow because it gets all deformed or smashed or whatever. I was buying a new $20 pillow every 3 months and it adds up. I actually bought a set of these pillows when we purchased a new Casper Mattress over 3 years ago and we are still getting the best sleep that we ever had.

These pillows are actually 2 parts: an outer shell and an inner pillow. When it’s time to wash it you just unzip the outer shell and toss it in the washer. When it comes out of the dryer it is good as new. Whether you are a back, side, or stomach sleeper the pillow just sort of fits perfectly. I have become spoiled to it really, and I won’t ever look back.

What kind of #Friday5 posts would you like to see? Leave a comment with your suggestion below and we’ll see what we can do!

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