We are sitting here in our PJ’s talking about everything, and the subject of toast just came up.  Nanea told Jessica and me about honey toast, and then I told them that my mom made the best cinnamon toast and the best French toast, and suddenly we realized that all the things are better if you add the word toast.

So, here are five things we love about toast

1. It is ever so easy to make and the ingredients are usually already in our kitchen.

So, let’s kick off with my mom’s recipe for cinnamon toast, and please, no judgment, I am a child of the 70s so the bread will not be artisanal or whole grain.

Recipe for Feryne’s Cinnamon Toast:


  • Two pieces of  Wonder bread (white)
  • Cinnamon, and because we love them, here is a link to Penzey’s, who have all kinds of awesome cinnamon
  • https://www.penzeys.com/shop/spices/
  • sugar
  • butter

Combine ½ cup of sugar with 2T of ground cinnamon.  Lightly toast two pieces of Wonder bread, (it is so fun to type Wonder bread).  Take it out of the toaster quick and put lots of butter on while it is warm so it melts and the bread gets a little squishy in the middle.  Sprinkle a whole bunch of your freshly made cinnamon sugar on top and then eat it immediately.

And, since you will have leftover cinnamon sugar, feel free to repeat instructions above (no one will judge you, pinkie swear)

2. Toast is fashionable and can be upscale – two words – Avocado toast

In keeping with our Five for Friday theme, here are five recipes for avocado toast from What’s Gaby Cooking

3. Making lots of toast is an excuse to buy a super cute toaster.  Here is our favorite from Dualit:


4. There are restaurants that are simply called Toast because, well, Toast:

TOAST in Portland, Oregon

Toast Fine Food and Coffee in Littleton, Colorado

Toast! in Charleston, South Carolina

Toast Bakery Café in Los Angeles, California

Toast Coffeehouse in Port Jefferson and Patchogue, New York

5. Toast is a delivery system for goodness.





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