We’ve made it to another Friday, and we can all use a good laugh. Here are our faves from around the web for this week!

Husky Pug Meme

Our lives our enriched with this knowledge.

Conference call bingo meme

Anyone who’s ever endured one of these calls knows how real this is.

Homer Simpson snack to bed meme

Well, who wants to have to keep getting up and going to the kitchen?

Me at 3am carb meme

Everyone knows carbs don’t count after midnight.

What's for dinner I'm cooking Jane Fonda meme

This is why takeout was invented.

Wife finding things meme

It’s a super power. Respect it.

Next episode meme

Our condolences on the end of your Netflix marathon.

Ripped abs Jesus

We are crying laughing. Don’t skip leg day!

Yeah It's Chill bookstore meme


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