Today, when you think of tattoos, you don’t automatically assume what many of our parents did – that they’re reserved for bikers and military types (think cartoon Popeye with the anchors on his forearms). People from all walks of life wear them now as art, and as expressions of love, loss, and remembrance. They express themselves and their passions, no matter how weird or geeky, through their tattoos. Some wear bold, intricate sleeves while others choose more modest designs that can be concealed beneath business suits or jeans. Tattoos today can be true works of art, involving hours of meticulous detail and several sessions of sitting through the willingly incurred pain of the needle. Johnny Depp said it best, “My body is my journal, and my tattoos are my story.” This fifth installment of our Geeks With Ink series features submissions from Amber, Diana, Lucian, Manda, Sara, Sheina and Brenna who show love for their favorite TV shows with gorgeous ink.

Amber - Jon Snow

Game of Thrones

“Finally it’s Jon and Ghost! This one I sort of accidentally volunteered for. My tattoo artist wanted to do a Game of Thrones tattoo at an expo and I said I would love one. I came up with the brilliant idea of combining two of my favorite characters, Jon and Ghost. Next thing I know she’s telling me what time to turn up…I don’t regret it in the least 🙂 – Artist: Nadine Bryant – Black Pearl Studios” – Amber

Diana - Torchwood


“The Torchwood logo, I got on the back of my neck. I grew up with Doctor Who and when they announced it was coming back, I watched it from the start. I got into Torchwood and was immediately hooked as well. I decided to get the logo tattoo because it was something that was so under the radar that fans would immediately get it but most everyone else would just overlook it.  I found out how much this tattoo was going to mean to some people earlier this year. June 21, 2014 at the Philly Comic Con, I found myself meeting James Marsters.  I knew that my interactions with him were going to be Torchwood related because that was my favorite role of his. When I place the photo that I wanted signed in front of him, which happened to be his role as Capt. John Hart for Torchwood, he stated that it was his favorite role in all of his work. This was my chance. I said that I loved it and I even had a Torchwood tattoo. He was excited as I showed it to him.  His eyes lit up and he was absolutely in love with it. When I turned back around, he gave me a high five and said that it was so awesome and he hadn’t seen someone have that. He instantly became my best friend in a matter of seconds. ” – Diana

Lucian - Serenity

Firefly and Serenity

“It’s a quote from Captain Mal on Serenity. Social justice often requires that we “misbehave,” by challenging the status quo to ensure a better world for everyone. Not just those with privilege.” – Lucian




Manda - ATHF

Aqua Teen Hunger Force

“It’s Master Shake from Aqua Teen Hunger Force which is an adult cartoon that comes on Adult Swim on Cartoon Network. I am 27 now and I got it when I was 22. I really love the show, and Shake is my favorite character on the show. He is an unapologetic asshole and I really identify with that, lol. Although I prefer being called honest, not asshole.” – Manda




Sara D - Tardis sisters

Doctor Who

“My little sister introduced me to Doctor Who a few years ago but it took me some time to actually get into it. My sister currently lives in Ohio and I only get to see her once or twice a year. When she was in town visiting last month, we got matching tattoos. I think it brought us closer. The picture is our tattoos together.” – Sara


Sheina - Gallifreyan

Doctor Who and Black Jewels Trilogy

“The Gallifreyan on my back translates to “Look beneath the skin”, a phrase spoken by a character in Anne Bishop’s Black Jewels Trilogy, and one of the primary themes in that trilogy. I have a long history of some very noticeable skin problems, and for whatever reason, those words resonated with me like nothing else had before, opening my mind to a new way of looking at myself that didn’t involve the words ‘repulsive’ and ‘gross’. I chose to do it in Gallifreyan because it’s a beautiful language and the obvious reason that I love Doctor Who. I got hooked on the show about 5 years ago, and I love the whimsy, the fierceness, the spirit of adventure, and the Doctor’s willingness to stand and face just about anything, unless it’s really bad, in which case you RUN! I especially love Donna, because she was just so ordinary, nothing special at all, just a temp, yet she was the most important person in the entire world.” – Sheina



Twin Peaks

“I fell headlong into Twin Peaks a couple of years ago, when my husband and I watched the series together. From day one, I was enchanted by the phrase “Fire walk with me”. I loved the ambiguity it offerred: are you walking with fire, or are you walking through fire? I made the decision to get it tattooed to my body, but instead of choosing a generic tattoo font, I opted to incorporate the handwriting of each person that is most important to me. These are the people who would walk through fire with me, and who are the fire that I carry with me always. The word “fire” is in my husband’s handwriting, followed by “walk” in my mother’s, “with” in my sister’s, and “me” in my father’s. Each word is uniquely perfect, and makes the tattoo all the more important to me.” – Brenna

Do you have a geeky tattoo? What special meaning does it hold for you?


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