Marselles Coe and Jen Adams, like true super-geeks should, have alter egos. Marselles, also known as The GeekFather, is one of the founding members of the GeekVengers entertainment site. Jen goes by Lil’ Bit, thanks to her history as a touring musician and singer with the band Lil’ Bit and The Customatics. Together, The GeekFather and Lil’ Bit host The Blurred Nerds Podcast, and if you’re a pop culture fanatic like me? You’ll want to give it a listen.

Marselles Coe, aka: The GeekFather

They met, of course, at a comic convention, where Marselles was representing for the GeekVengers and Jen, an avid costumer on the side, was dressed as Kaylee Frye from the cult favorite Firefly. Marselles sought to interview Jen for GVTV as a cosplayer but quickly saw that she had so much more to offer. “Her presence, beauty, and confidence drew our attention,” he says. “(We) almost immediately realized that she would be a perfect member of our film crew and the female perspective in geekdom that we sorely needed.” Their personalities and voices meshed to provide more than just perfect co-hosts—the pair became close friends, eager to work on more projects together.

Jen Adams, aka: Lil’ Bit, in cosplay. Photo courtesy of Bryan Humphrey: Mad Scientist With A Camera

In an effort to provide new content to their audience, Marselles and Jen created an offshoot of GeekVengers called The Blurred Nerds Podcast. The two friends talk about all things pop culture, with recent topics ranging from Netflix to Nintendo. Their goal? To entertain, inform, and give people encouragement to let their geek flags fly. “We are trying to reach every geek who gets the tingles when a new movie trailer comes out, who has ever wondered about conventions they can’t get to, who loves cosplay and maybe doesn’t feel as comfortable with themselves as others,” says Marselles. And what makes them different from other pop culture podcasts out there? “I think we offer a perspective that doesn’t kiss media property or companies asses, so we’re honest when we discuss and review things,” says Jen. “We don’t hide it when we don’t know something—we embrace our goofiness as well as the genuine love we have for pop and geek culture and the community that surrounds it.”

The GeekFather and Lil’ Bit in action for GeekVengers TV

We asked Marselles and Jen some questions and for some recommendations of things to watch and read that you may have missed.

Favorite sci/fi fantasy read?

Marselles: The Expanse series, Old Man’s War series, and my most fave ever, Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Jen: The Dragon Prince/Dragon Star trilogies by Melanie Rawn

Favorite writer?

M: Douglas Adams

J: Marion Zimmer Bradley

What’s an obscure book people should be reading?

M: Robopocalypse, written by Dr. Daniel H. Wilson, Ph.D. It’s a fantastic series about artificial intelligence and what would happen if the singularity actually happened.

Favorite superhero and why?

M: The Incredible Hulk because of his sheer power, abilities, and his tortured psyche. I think he’s the perfect representation of mankind’s id. The duality of ourselves. The yin and the yang. The anger and the peacefulness existing within, always fighting for dominance.

Favorite comic/comic series?

M: The Uncanny X-Men from 1989 thru 1995, Civil War, Y-The Last Man, Preacher, and GI Joe.

Favorite little known movie that people should see?

M: The Discovery, starring Robert Redford, Jason Segel, and Rooney Mara. Great, thought provoking movie about the afterlife approached from a solely scientific viewpoint.

 J: Tapeheads, starring baby-faced John Cusack & Tim Robbins. Random sight gags throughout, oddball humor, a real cult fave of mine.

Best con to attend and why?

M: Alamo City Comic Con because it is south Texas’ premiere convention. Huge celebrities, great artists, large but not crushing crowds. The other is Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. A fan run convention. A favorite of celebs and fans alike. So huge but laid back and it doesn’t feel corporate or artificial.

J: Dragon Con in Atlanta, GA. The costumes, the feel of family, the sheer amount of panels and parties and inclusiveness, it is just mind blowing.

Favorite cosplay you’ve ever seen?

M: A group of military guys cosplayed as the Spartans from 300. They did a 10-month workout regimen to get shredded and they nailed it. It was hella awesome.

J: The Junk Lady from the Dark Crystal by Jen at Epbot

Best con guest panel to see?

M: Stan Lee or Mark Hamill. They’re hilarious.

J: Sylvester McCoy. Of course I love his work in Doctor Who as well as The Hobbit. But he is also such a great storyteller, endearing to watch, personable even in a room full of hundreds of people and funny. I’ve see four panels with him throughout the years and have yet to hear a repeated story.

Best fandom to interact with?

J: Browncoats – there’s something to be said for a passionate fanbase of a show that only had one season over a decade ago

Who is your Doctor (from Doctor Who?)

M: David Tennant

J: Classic Who – Sylvester McCoy, New Who – David Tennant. I watched the new run because I liked the show as a kid and while Eccleston got me back into the world of Who, Tennant made me fall in love with the show all over again

What spaceship would you love a ride in?

J: Serenity and The Raza

Star Wars or Star Trek?

M: Both, but Star Wars will always be number one for me.

Your dream interview would be?

J: Chris Hardwick, hands down.



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