It all seemed perfectly normal to us at the time, but the truth is, the 80s were pretty damned weird. And we don’t care how many “retro” styles we see at the mall featuring tasteful acid-washed jeans and rubber bracelets. Kids today will never know the glory of that special time.

MTV was born. And it actually played music videos.

Madonna made us want to take a scissors to our entire wardrobe and streak our hair.

Working out in color coordinated outfits was cool.

The hair. My god, the hair.

Exciting advancements were made in technology.

We learned that Goonies never say die.

And that nobody puts Baby in a corner.

And that you don’t feed these guys after midnight.

But seriously, though. The hair.

We had delicious refreshments.

Not to mention snacks.

And no matter what, we knew that we had the power.

The 80s were, like, totally weird. But weird is good.

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