Game of Thrones has not been without its problematic moments regarding female characters, but it has also given us some of the best, most complex, heroic women in television. They’re strong, resilient, and they make up their own minds.


Here are just some of our favorite moments with the women of Westeros.

When Daenerys let the Masters know who was boss.

Not that we expected anything less from a woman who is fearless,

cannot be burnt

and who enforces her anti-slavery policies with fire-breathing dragons.

When Sansa left Ramsay to his fate as puppy chow.

When Arya said her damn name.

When Cersei answered the question, “Who run the world?”

When Yara offered her allegiance to Daenerys.

When Brienne does pretty much anything,

but especially when she finally avenged Renly and killed Stannis.

When we met little Lyanna Mormont,

and she was a straight up thug

who shamed the men of the North

into doing the right thing.

Who is your favorite heroine of Westeros?





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