Boy bands were all the rage, Sassy was the greatest magazine ever, Nickelodeon had the best TV shows, and the sounds of AOL dial-up still haunts us.


The internet was shiny and new and AOL was the hottest way to connect, using our land line phones. Remember how you’d get kicked off every time anyone would call? The struggle was real.

You secretly called Miss Cleo to ask her about your future.

You were either an N*Sync or BSB fan; loyalty was a must.

All your stationary was Lisa Frank

The Bloodhound Gang taught you about the birds and the bees.

We played Pokemon with cards but had other digital pets.

Friday nights we had TGIF with Sabrina, Urkel and even Dinosaurs.

And Saturday nights we reserved seats on the orange couch for SNICK.

Saved by the Bell gave us #SquadGoals.

Angela Chase understood our teenaged angst.

We all wanted to find love like Cory and Topanga.

Jack & Rose took us flying.

Jeff Goldblum saved us from aliens.

And dinosaurs.

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