Do you have a geek in your life? Of course, you do. That’s just basic science. If you can’t think of a geek in your life, then you are probably that geek, my friend. So, basically, this gift guide is for you, in some way or another.

Usually, I am not a holiday person. Mostly, I’m just in it for the food. I haven’t put up a Christmas tree in years, I don’t get into Christmas music, and my idea of a Christmas movie is Die Hard. Despite my predilection for referring to the upcoming holiday season as the “wintertime capitalist gift-giving season,” I really do enjoy giving gifts. Aside from the food, that is the very best part. I especially enjoy giving usable gifts that make my fellow nerds geek their little hearts out! Extra XP if I can find those gifts from a small business! And +1 wallet if I can score them without breaking the bank!

Now, even though infinite versions of me are writing (or not writing) this gift guide in infinite other universes, this version of me is only writing in this universe, so—try as I may—I will not be able to catalogue the infinite diversity of gifts and geekdoms in infinite combinations. Nevertheless, we will press on, because “Goonies never say die.” So, here’s my not at all exhaustive, reasonably priced, small business-supporting, gift-giving guide for the adorably geeky nerds in your life!

***In the interest of full disclosure, I do know some of the sellers listed below. I’ve also purchased from quite of few of these sellers. By and large, they’ve pretty much all been on my radar and have solid reputations and ratings.

Let’s start with the science fiction nerds. You know, the ones who can sit and debate for hours the relative merits of the many different Star Trek captains, the allegorical wish fulfillment of superhero stories, and definitely has an opinion as to who shot first (it was definitely Han). Because this year marks the 50th anniversary of the Star Trek universe and what with the recent Star Wars revival and the continued popularity of superhero stories, there a whole Sagan of gift ideas out there.

Battlestar Galactica etched glass ornament. $15 – $16

Wibbly Wobbly Bubbly Wubbly Soap – $6

Intergalactic Star Buddies Soaps – $10

Avengers Inspired Etched Rocks Glass – $11 – $14

Wonder Woman Wine Stopper – $11.99

Alien Movie Fan Art Print – $12

Star Trek Fridge Poetry Magnets – $15

Then, there are our dear fantasy-loving friends. These folks are dedicated to the detailed universes of their geekdoms, whether that be Middle Earth, Westeros, or an entirely different version of now in the multiverse. More often than not, despite the genre’s name, these kids geek out in finding ways their most beloved texts can illuminate issues we face here in our—sadly—dragon-, Ent-, and elf-less reality. So, this year, why not bring a little fantasy into the practical matters of their everyday reality.

The Dark Tower Constant Reader tote – $13

Wheel of Time Christmas Ornament – $6

“My Precious” LOTR Ring Dish – $8

Ms. Andry’s Bath House Game of Thrones fandom products – $7 – $9

“I Drink and I Know Things” Game of Thrones Glassware – $10 – $30

The Mortal Instruments Inspired Jewelry and Keychains – $10.99 – $18.11

Alright, let’s just admit that Harry Potter is just its very own category of geekdom at this point. There are so many reasons why Potterheads love the series: magic, coming of age, politics, social justice. And, y’all—the food! Am I right?! Here are a few ways to help the quidditch-loving fan in your life channel their inner magic.

Harry Potter Recipe Board – $13.30

Ms. Andry’s Bath House Harry Potter fandom products – $5 – $12 (I can personally vouch for the awesomeness of the Magical Potions for Muggles and the Wonder Witch perfumes)

Butterbeer Loose Tea – $7.79

Chocolate Frogs – $6 – $8

Marauders Map Heat-Sensitive Coffee Mug – $12.50

Personalized Hogwarts Acceptance Letter – $20

There’s a very special brand of geek that often gets overlooked: the social justice-loving, politically-motivated, feminist firebrand. While I consider a whole lot of geekdoms to be my people, these justice-minded, political rhetoric-savvy folks are MY PEOPLE. We just want to make sure everyone has FUN-damental rights! Make sure the activists in your life have what they need to be organized, motivated, and inspired.

Ms. Andry’s Bath House Michelle Obalma – $7

2017 Slingshot Organizer – $6

Ms. Andry’s Bath House Elizabath Warren and Ruth Bather Ginsburg – $7/$8

Get Your Fleek On Feminist Collection – $8 – $13.50 (also check out the Famous People collection for Audre Lorde, Ida B. Wells, Fanny Lou Hamer and more!)

Feminist with a To-Do List Notepad – $10

Certain Days 2017 Calendar – $12

Bad Girls Throughout History: 100 Remarkable Women Who Changed the World – $19.99

I would be remiss if I left our STEM friends out here. Those perennial geeks in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math fields are a special kind of badass who work to help us better understand and utilize the world we live in and, in some cases, even bringing elements of our fandom universes to life!

PlexityPrints Technology Patent Prints – $6.99

Giant Microbes – pricing starts at less than $10

Vintage Inspired NASA Travel Posters – $7 – $77.89

Watercolor Science Art Genetics Collection – $14 – $16

Science Glassware – $15 – $60

Euler’s Number Wood Carving – $17

Bubble Chamber Mug – $18

I know that there are so many ways to be a geek and I didn’t even come close to touching on all of them; maybe if I start now, I can have something put together for the 2017 holiday season. Nevertheless, I am sure that there is something on this list that will put a smile on your favorite nerd’s face!

Live long and prosper, friend. And I hope you have a satisfactory winter-time capitalist gift-giving season.

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