The holidays are here, and whether you’re all about that Festivus life, itching to put up a Christmas tree, ready for dreidel rolling, on the hunt for the perfect mkeka setup, making a Yule wassail, or simply enjoying this time of year, gifts are a thing you’ll be giving. I’ll be honest, I really prefer giving gifts to getting them. Finding THE THING for each person on my list makes me giddy, and I wish I had an American Express Black so I could spoil all of my friends with zero care in the world. I’m like Oprah with presents, but with Ellen levels of customization. Okay, yeah, I’m bragging about my gift giving abilities, don’t hate. However, this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people need serious help in the gift-giving department, and that’s what all the awesome S&C guides are here to help you with this year. Look below for your intended target – erm, recipient – and gift away!

In this part: her, him, them, newlyweds, unmarried couples, engaged couples, together-forevers, your newly single friend, your partner.

Ulta's Shea Treats Cube

Ulta’s Shea Treats Cube

For Her: Your generic “oh, crap, there’s that girl I have to get a gift for.” Make it easy and festive with a small gift set that’s also a festive ornament! Go for a neutral scent, like The Body Shop’s Shea Butter that goes with anyone’s tastes. $9, Ulta

For Him: That dude you need a gift for that doesn’t really stand out to you, but still needs a gift. Old-fashioned Italian shaving soap in a dish looks fancy, feels awesome, and doesn’t make your wallet cry. $10, Sephora

For Them: The person who eschews gender assignment but never eschews a gift deserves a clean, genderless fragrance to match. This set from CLEAN allows users to layer their chosen fragrances as they please, creating an aroma unique to them. $18, Birchbox

Newlyweds: Keep their newly wedded bliss in mind with your gift and look at their registry! Most registries can be up for up to a year after the wedding date, so look on there for anything they might have wanted and not received. That way, you know they’ll actually want it and use it. For this guide, we like to focus on bathroom storage and décor. It’s always better to get clean and pretty in a bathroom that looks good. Look for hampers, towels, cabinets, and shower storage. Then add a nice bonus of some bubble bath (like this lusciousness here) and a bottle of wine! Chocolate Dipped Aphrodisiac Bubble Bath, $24.95, Etsy.

Giorgio Armani Sì Gift Set by Ulta

Ulta’s Giorgio Armani Sì Gift Set

Unmarried Couples: They’ve been together long enough to justify getting them a joint gift, but they aren’t married or engaged. Get a coordinating fragrance set! Giorgio Armani makes clean, sparkling scents, which is great for anyone. For a man and woman, go the easy route with Acqua di Gio/Gioia. For two men, pair an Acqua di Gio with Code. Two ladies? Pair Acqua di Gioia with . Aqua di Gio Gift Set, $87, Ulta; Aqua di Gioia Gift Set, $52, Ulta; Code Gift Set, $88, Ulta; Gift Set, $75, Ulta.

Engaged Couples: These couples are seriously happy and seriously stressed. If your wallet can afford it, find a spa near them to book a couples’ massage. If that’s out of the question, no worries! You have a few options, here.
If they’ve made a registry already, see the plan for Newlyweds and follow that.

If there’s no registry but there IS a wedding date and location set, buy them something made in that area. I got married in Franklin, TN, so for me a good option would be a gift box from Ma’Bella Soaps. If you’re having issues finding products made in a specific town, try searching for the whole state. This is even more fun when it’s a destination wedding! Ma’Bella Soaps Gift Box, $30, Ma’Bella.

No details yet? No problem. Go with this box. Easy peasy! The Queen & Drone Gift Set, $36, Etsy.

Been Together Forever: Married or not, these couples have no end in sight and are serious #relationshipgoals. Keep date night alive with a fondue pot for two, along with a recipe card for your favorite fondue. Put both of those in a picnic basket with a bottle of some tasty beverage, some crackers for dipping, and a candle like this one from beauty brand Ursa Major to complete it. Even better: if you can find the perfume or cologne they wear in candle form, include that! Fondue for Two Pot, $30, Uncommon Goods; Ursa Major Trailside Candle, $28, Birchbox.


Origins “A Perfect World” Body Butter

The Newly Single Friend: Being single after serious relationships can be even more trying around the holidays. Let her pamper herself in smoothing bliss with this decadent body butter from Origins. Be sure to include a redeemable pass for a girl’s night any time of her choosing on your dime. Bonus points for chocolate and cookies! Origins Body Butter, $37, Sephora.

Your Partner: Spouse, girl/boyfriend, fiancé, life partner – whatever the title, they need a gift. One of my favorites for this? Body products inspired by their favorite fictional characters. The best place for looking up this stuff on Etsy. With this lip balm set, you can pick from multiple fandoms and create a tailored set customized for your sweetie. Plus, let’s be honest, everyone needs lip balms. Pair with a geeky robe and some themed bath bombs, and you’re set! Geek Lip Balm Set, $29.75, Etsy.

Be sure to check out all six parts of this amazing, comprehensive gift guide!

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