Welcome to Part 2 of our super-sized gift guide for everyone on your list!

In this part: mom, dad, brother, sister, grandma, grandpa, and your furry friends.

Uncommon Goods' Herbal Warming Scarf

Uncommon Goods’ Herbal Warming Scarf

Mom: Each mom is a bit different, but every mom loves to get some of the love they’ve given to you returned. First, make up for all the headaches you’ve given her over the years with these cooling eye stones, then give her a hug with this warming herbal scarf. All the love, none of the frustration! Orbits Eye Stones, $20, Uncommon Goods; Warming Herbal Scarf, $29.95, Uncommon Goods.

Dad: Stop with the ties and coffee mugs already. Get him a gift certificate to a barber shop like this one, arranging with the staff to have it cover a men’s facial, hair cut, and mustache/beard maintenance if that’s applicable. He’ll be grateful for the day to relax and unwind in dapper fashion. You can even include some extra for him to get some special grooming supplies to take home. Price/locations vary.


Jack’s Pit Stop Gift Set by Jack Black, Sephora

Brother: You know what isn’t beautiful? Your brother’s man stink. Slide him a hint with this wonderful smelling pack from manly brand Jack Black. The brand is known for expanding the ideas of self-care for men with classic branding, excellent ingredients, and solutions to every male hygiene problem. $15, Sephora

Sister: Tell your baby sister to stop stealing your makeup by getting her her very own palette on steroids. This 72-piece case has everything she could possibly want at not only a great price, but also great quality. You can then afford to get her a full makeup brush set that’s quality, so that she’ll be set to make herself lovely. 72-piece Makeup Set, $18.74, Ulta; EcoTools Essential 6-piece Eye Brush Set, $10.99, Ulta.

Grandma: No matter how old people get, they always like feeling as good as they did when they were young. If you ever hear Grandma complain about the quality of today’s makeup, she has a reason to: it’s not formulated the same! Besame has taken all the best of the formulas from yesteryear and taken out any of the yucky stuff to come up with their amazing formulas. Give grandma some perfectly pouting lips with their mini lipstick collection and old-fashioned cake mascara. She’ll be thrilled with nostalgia and happiness! Besame Mini Lipstick Collection, $6, Sephora; Besame Cake Mascara, $25, Sephora.


Klorane’s Grey Hair Care Gift Set

Grandpa: Help him feel as handsome and dapper as he did the day he first wooed Grandma. Gray hair can often be flat and sad, so help him turn into a silver fox with this kit from Klorane. Shampoo, conditioner, and a leave-in spray will give nourishment and hydration, making his gray hair positively lovely. $35, Klorane

Dog: Give doggo the gift of a beautiful, shiny coat. First make sure they have a good shampoo and conditioner, then appeal to their senses with a spa set (including puppy perfume!) for your little girl or handsome man. Royal Treatment Pet Shampoo & Conditioner, $23.50/ea., Frontgate; Female/Male Dog Fashion Spa Gift Set, $99.50/ea., Frontgate.

Cat: Your cat obviously feels superior, because cat. Make sure your cat looks that way, too. Shampoo, conditioner, and waterless cleansers that smell like blueberry muffins and strawberry lemonade – all modeled to look like pro lines their hoomans might use – will leave them looking and feeling frisky. A manicure with claw caps in Christmas red (or clear, if that’s more your cat’s fancy) will seal the deal. Pet Head De-Shed Me Shampoo, $9.99, Amazon; Pet Head De-Shed Me Miracle Conditioning Rinse, $11.99, Amazon; Blueberry Muffin Dry Shampoo for Cats, $14.67, Amazon; Pet Head Fizzy Kitty Mousse in Strawberry Lemonade, $7.09, Amazon; Soft Claws Red Cat Nail Caps, $14.99, Amazon.

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Charlotte Smith is an esthetician licensed in Tennessee and Georgia. She’s married to a lumberjack version of Deadpool, is obsessed with huskies, is straight up in quarter-life crisis mode, and loves pretty much anything that could be considered creepy.

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