Welcome to Part 4 of our super-sized gift guide for everyone on your list!

In this part: pregnant friend, babies, toddlers, kids, tweens, teens, college kids, post-grads.

Preggo: Pregnancy is exhausting. Make sure momma is taken care of with soothing ingredients. A stretch mark protection kit filled with hydrating goodness and a hospital essentials gift set will keep your friend glowing and happy, not itchy and sad. 9 Month Stretch Essentials Kit, $52, Basc NYC; Oh Baby! Hospital Essentials Gift Set, $36, Basc NYC

Mustala Bebe Bath Time Bubbles Set

Mustela Bebe Bath Time Bubbles Set

Babies: No, they aren’t too young for gifts! Some companies even argue that they aren’t too young for perfume! Personally, I prefer the bubble bath route. Mustela is known for their gentle, soothing skincare, so a set of baby bath supplies complete with ducky is pretty much perfect. Mustela Bebe Bath Time Bubbles Set, $42, Sephora

Toddlers: Any parent will tell you that toddlers are messy and stubborn. Give them their own play makeup to put on mess free with this adorable set https://littlecosmetics.com/products/essential-set?utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=googlepla&variant=28437763654 that includes brushes, an eye palette, and even a cute pink lippie.

Kids: Somehow, bath time before bed can still be a struggle. Put some Star Wars Lavender scented Lego bath bombs or Pokémon bath bombs in a basket with a robe and coloring books of the same thing to put a smile on their face. Lego Bath Bombs, $24/set of 4, Etsy; Pokemon Bath Bombs, $3/ea., Etsy

Tweens: The constant bane of this age group is acne and body odor. Pass on some sleek toiletries that they’ll be glad to use. Dry shampoo and deodorant are great ways to keep them smelling clean because, as much as we like the song, smelling like Teen Spirit really is overrated. A brand like CLEAN will ensure sweaty pits aren’t just covered up with…well…grossness. This blemish clearing kit from Avene will ensure acne goes away without irritating skin. Best part? Both these items are unisex. Go team! CLEAN Moisture-Absorbent Deodorant, $18, Birchbox; Avene Cleanance Solutions Blemish Control Regimen, $29.50, Birchbox

H' The Smoother Shave Kit

H’ The Smoother Shave Kit

Teenagers: They have their own styles and tastes and can be impossible to please. What they DO like, though, is acknowledgement of adulthood. Give those boys a smoother shave or respect their wishes to have beards like Vikings. Get him smelling fresh and clean thanks to Baxter of California and they’ll love you forever. Girls always love products geared for their hair, whether they style or air dry. Sets are always a good ticket. For those who heat style their hair constantly, Beauty Protector is a godsend that keeps hair soft and healthy. Curly and wavy girls alike will fall in love with R+Co’s easy to use formulas and awesome packaging. Help protect her latest crazy hair color with a product geared towards sealing in even the brightest shades. Give them some treats from Juara to get smooth, soft, wonderful smelling skin and they’ll be swooning. The Smoother Shave Kit, $28, Birchbox; Beard Buddy Small Start Pack Fresh, $38, Birchbox; Baxter of California After Shave Balm, $18, Birchbox; Beauty Protector Ultimate Treatment Set, $55, Birchbox; The Wavy & Curly Hair Kit, $18, Birchbox; Bumble & Bumble Color Minded Shampoo, $31, Birchbox; Juara Coffee & Creme Skin Smoothing Body Ritual, $58, Birchbox

College kids: Make them a basket that includes some gift cards to places around their campus (restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops), and include some de-stressers that can help get them through any exam. Add in a reminder for self care with a trio from Not Soap, Radio in my favorite scent “The Phoenix” which contains bergamot (known by aromatherapists as “nature’s Prozac”) to help ease stress. Not Soap, Radio Trio, $42, Birchbox

Post grads: In a world of “help me, I’m broke,” post grads are thrilled to even get a pair of socks for a gift (and I wish I were kidding). Let them know they’re loved by getting a grocery store gift card (find out which one they shop at most), a Visa gift card to help pay student loans, or even a series of homemade “coupons” for dinner with you. Add a gift set of their favorite perfume or cologne to help them feel like they still have it together. Fragrance is one of the strongest ties to memory and identity, so being able to still smell the way you want when you can’t afford much luxury is a really, really nice thing.

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