Welcome to Part 5 of our super-sized gift guide for everyone on your list!

In this part: gifts for the boss, your work spouse, the co-worker you’re neutral about, the co-worker you hate, your online BFF, Anxiety Blobs, coffee addicts, tea fiends, chocoholics, peppermint lovers, pumpkin spice enthusiasts, foodies, and the One Who Has Everything.

Boss: Gift the one who pays you. Do a massage tailored to their lifestyle: your golfing boss may want a sports massage, while my stressed out boss may prefer a hot stone massage. Add enough on the gift card for them to be able to buy the house suggested muscle rub as well. If the spa doesn’t sell any, give them some of this gloriousness. Biofreeze Classic Pain Relief Gel, $14.99, Biofreeze

H20 Plus Specialty Care Soft Mint Foot Rub

H20 Plus Specialty Care Soft Mint Foot Rub

Your Work Spouse: Your work BFF deserves a special treat, duh. Create a coupon redeemable for one lunch, manis and pedis, or a covered shift. Help treat tired work feet with this minty foot rub, then soothe their senses with this classic scented candle to accompany the bath tub. H20 Plus Specialty Care Soft Mint Foot Rub, $15, Ulta; VitaBath Original Candle, Free with $25 Purchase, Ulta

The Coworker You’re Neutral About: They’re okay, so whatever, they can have something. A shower gel, scrubbie, and body butter in Spiced Apple can’t go wrong. Mini Spiced Apple Treat Box, $10, Ulta

The Coworker You Can’t Friggin Stand: UGH, THAT PERSON. That friggin’ person. Be the nice one and get them a little something. I know, I know, you don’t want to, but spirit of the season, blah blah blah. Give them a manicure set so they can file down their claws. Sweet & Shimmer Manicure Set, $4.99, Ulta

Your Online BFF: They may be hundreds of miles away, but you love them so much that not getting them a gift seems horrible. Thanks to modern technology, you can have an Etsy gift card emailed to them! Want it to be more personal? Contact a shop and browse for bath sets, or create one. One of my favorite Etsy shops, Pura Gioia is a joy to work with. Vicki, the owner, made my mom an AMAZING Lilac & Lilies scented gift set for her birthday a few years ago. Price Varies, Etsy

"I'm Real" Sheet Masks by Tony Moly

“I’m Real” Sheet Masks by Tony Moly

The Anxiety Blob: The homebody who prefers cancelled plans is AWESOME to gift for, especially with beauty. Stock them up with some of their favorite snacks, then load them up on sheet masks from Tony Moly for use during their Netflix binges. I’m Real Sheet Masks 11-pack by Tony Moly, $10, Amazon

The Coffee Addict: We have a lot of those here at S&C, and it only makes sense to channel that into their gift. First, ensure their cup is filled with coffee made for morning, noon, and night, then fill their bathroom with coffee infused products that’ll keep skin youthful and keep circulation going. Circulation is key for clear, happy skin! Morning, Noon, and Night Coffee, $11/ea., Uncommon Goods; JAVA Coffee-Infused Skin Care Body Collection, $82, Uncommon Goods

The Tea Fiend: I have a confession. I typically prefer tea to coffee. I KNOW, I AM TERRIBLE BUT STILL. Make their day with tea that makes you feel and look beautiful! Get Gorgeous from Republic of Tea is made to help clear skin. Throw in a new mug and maybe a Christmas blend, and your tea-loving friend will be ever so happy. Get Gorgeous Herb Tea for Clear Skin, $4.75 -$48 depending on quantity, Republic of Tea

Gimme Chocolate: Ah, chocolate, you incredible food of the gods. Your chocolate-loving friend will be in love with this chocolate scented eyeshadow palette infused with real Cocoa power to give an antioxidant boost. Add a chocolate fudge bath bomb and a chocolate sheet mask to have them in a cocoa-infused bliss. Too Faced Chocolate Bar Eyeshadow Palette, $49, Ulta; Large Bath Fizzy, $6, Ulta; Biobelle Decadence Chocolate Sheet Mask, $4.99, Ulta

ALL THE PEPPERMINT: I looooove peppermint everything and am 0% ashamed. Needless to say, being doused in the stuff makes me feel like a winter goddess. A peppermint shower fizz, a lipgloss and shower gel duo, and a peppermint vanilla body lotion, will leave any peppermint junkie feeling satisfied. Base 4 Shower Fizzer Disk, $3.00, Ulta; Philosophy Peppermint Stick Duo, $20, Ulta; Hempz Peppermint Vanilla Body Creme, $8, Ulta

Pumpkin Spice Holiday Beauty Gift Set

Pumpkin Spice Holiday Beauty Gift Set

#IMissPSL: For my pumpkin spice lovers out there, if my Pumpkin Spice Beauty Guide isn’t enough, there’s always this handy gift set from Etsy that has a little bit of everything. Pumpkin Spice Holiday Gift Set, $25, Etsy

The Foodie: They like to be able to eat their beauty products, even if it’s not recommended, or at least have their products teeming with food ingredients. Welcome, then, to TastyFace Organics. The Essential Deluxe Body Set is filled with goodies: a tangerine salt scrub, blood orange vanilla body butter, coconut vanilla absolute body oil, and sweet orange cream lip balm. The Essential Deluxe Body Set, $105, TastyFace Organics

The One Who Has Everything: You have two options: get them more of what they like, or take a risk. Or is that all? Give them the gift of surprises that keeps on giving with a Birchbox or other beauty box subscription! It’ll let them try all kinds of new products. Plus, the boxes make excellent storage.

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