Welcome to Part 6 of our super-sized gift guide for everyone on your list!

In this part: the babysitter, the beloved neighbor, the hipster friend, the slightly twisted friend, the chronically ill friend, the hospitalized during the holidays, your brunch buddy, your drinking buddy, your friend in recovery, your friend in heaven, and the person who is impossible to shop for.

The Babysitter: They make sure your kids don’t set the house on fire. Reward them. After chasing your mini humans all day, let them slip on these warming herbal booties that soothe tired toes. Pair it with some foot balm for extra effectiveness, and if you’re feeling ESPECIALLY generous, add on a lavender scented spa blanket for extra happiness. Luxury Herbal Booties, $34, Uncommon Goods; Triple Butter Intensive Foot Balm, $10, Ulta; Lavender Spa Blankie, $68, Uncommon Goods


Pacific Ocean Gift Set

That Neighbor You Like So Much: Neighborhood association meetings are stressful, but when That Neighbor’s there it suddenly gets way better. Give them a vacation in their bathroom with an ocean inspired bath set for total pampering. Pacific Ocean Gift Set, $53, Uncommon Goods

That One Friend Who’s Too Hipster for Their Own Good: They’ll have heard of whatever brand you’re giving them, so don’t even try to outhipster them. Instead, go with a perfume sampler set from Commodity that includes aromas like Book and Gin, then pair with a luxurious double cleansing set from Japanese brand Tatcha. They’ll be clean, fresh faced, and ready for the farmer’s market in style. Commodity Cocktail Perfume Sampler Set, $26, Sephora; Tatcha Kyoto Cleanse, $27, Sephora

Your Sick (& Twisted) Friend: Got a friend who shows their true colors when playing Cards Against Humanity or Exploding Kittens? GIVE THEM A BLOOD BATH! Between bloody shower gel, a bath bomb that will turn your tub water into blood water, and perfume inspired by the tales of Elizabeth Bathory, this friend will be very, VERY pleased. Include a horror movie to add to the charm. Spinning Hat Blood Bath Shower Gel, $10, Amazon; Blood Bath Bomb, $7.99, Etsy; Bathory Perfume, $2.95, Etsy


L’Occitane Beauty & Skin Care Set

Your (Really) Sick Friend: Chronic illness is a thing, and it can make day-to-day living a major frustration, to say the least. Give this pampering set from L’Occitane to give them an excuse for self care. Your friend’s aching joints and dry skin will appreciate it. L’Occitane Skin Care Beauty Set, $34, Sephora

Your Friend Who Will Be In The Hospital During the Holidays: Whether it’s dialysis, chemo treatments, radiation, or general treatments, being in the hospital during the holidays sucks. Make up for the drying effects of hospital air by putting a bandaid on dry skin with First Aid Beauty’s help. Winter Skin Savers, $38, Sephora

The Brunch Friend: You see them for mimosas and omelettes every Sunday. Make sure they’re always glowing with this eye rejuvenator from Tarte that’s packed with lightweight yet hydrating maracuja oil. Maracuja C-Brighter Eye Treatment, $38, Sephora

The Drunk Friend: Help your friend recover the next day. All that partying is exhausting on skin, so give them this masking set from Boscia that’ll fix all (well, okay, some) of their booze-induced woes. Boscia Mask-It-All, $49, Sephora


Living Proof’s “Peace Love. Perfect Hair” kit.

The Recovering Friend: Whether it’s addiction, an eating disorder, or mental health related, recovery can take a toll on you. Top that with not-the-highest self esteem, and life gets rough. Help them kiss goodbye all their insecurities and haters with this lip set with confidence-boosting red, along with lots of other badass shades. Not quite their style? Give them a perfect hair day with this PhD set from Living Proof. Anyone can tackle a rough day when their hair is flawless. Mini-Team Lipstick Set, $22, Sephora; Living Proof’s Peace, Love, Perfect Hair Kit, $52, Sephora

The One Who Isn’t Here Anymore: Just because they’re gone doesn’t mean they should be forgotten during the holidays. Getting some body oil or body lotion in their favorite perfume is always a good option, like this body oil of the perfume my aunt used to wear. Or see if you can match their favorite lipstick, nail polish, or eyeshadow. Give this one to yourself, or whomever you think might need it most. Tatiana Bath Oil, $8.39, Fragrance Net

The One That’s Seriously Actually Impossible to Shop For: Visa gift card them and say fuck it.

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