The holidays are in full tilt and time is at a premium. We understand what the crunch is like. Every year I think I’m going to be a rock star. I’m going to do ALL of the shopping before the stressful mad-dash that always happens the week before Christmas. It almost never works out. The reason can be time or money or (most often) an attack of I-have-no-freaking-clue-what-to-buy!

Well, I want better for you. So, I made a quick list of things you can give to anyone, anywhere, without having to tackle people at the post office because you know they saw you eyeing that last piece of bubble wrap. No stores, no lines, and no possibility of jail this way!


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This is one that, as an avid reader, I love. Every month this cute box with an owl shows up. Inside, you’ll find themed, bookwormy goodness. You receive a newly released title, typically with a goodie from the author (signed letter, poster, etc.), and 4 or 5 different treats that have been handpicked by the Owlcrate team. It’s like getting a fantastic, bookish grab-box, every month. You can purchase 1, 3, or 6 month gift subscriptions for only $30 per month! In the spirit of the holiday season, here’s a coupon code for 10% off: SNOWFLAKEPARTY. Click here to check it out. Gifts From Afar FB     Scribd-200

Scribd: Know anyone who just cannot get enough of reading or listening to e-books? Maybe that’s you? If so, Scribd is the way to go. Scribd offers unlimited e-books, audiobooks, comics, even sheet music for just $9 a month. For the cost of two trips to Starbucks, you get all the books and music your little heart desires. Even better, there’s a 14 day free trial. Check out the selection, listen, and maybe find something new to love. Go take a quick peek!

TextureTexture: There’s nothing like picking up a magazine for a quick browse. Sometimes, it’s informative. Sometimes, it’s just good entertainment. Either way, Texture is the magazine e-subscription for everyone. You download the app, you check the magazines you want to read, and boom! Your favorite mags, every month. And you have options! For $10 per month, you get access to all the monthly magazine subscriptions. For $14 a month, you get access to all the monthly and weekly subscriptions. It’s a pretty sweet deal. You can download anywhere and check out whatever magazines you like. Right now, they’re offering a 30 free trial! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. Go get it.


Source: Flitwick's

Source: Flitwick’s

I’m not much of a “jewelry” person. I don’t always know what I’m looking for, and I don’t really know what’s “in,” per se. That’s why Flitwicks has been a fun way for me to pump up my jewelry collection. For just $12 a month, you get 3 handpicked pieces, like those below. They come in the cutest box and bag combo, and I love the variety it has brought to my style. Click here to give the gift of awesome accessories!



If you love makeup, or even if it scares you, BirchBox can bring some pretty fantastic products to your doorstep. When you sign-up, you take a quick quiz on your experience with make-up, color tones, what you use, what you like, what you want to try, etc. Then, you get a box of 5-6 products to try. These can be anything from shampoo to perfume to eye shadow. If you find something you love, you can just pop on the website and find full size products. Pretty simple, right? Check it out here to bring the gift of beauty samples for just $10 a month!

MegaGear Monthly Mystery Box:


If gadgets and gags are your thing, then this is the box for you. The MegaGear box is brought to you by the site Gadgets and Gear. Every month, you’ll receive 5-8 handpicked pieces. Anything on the site is a possibility, and the box is valued at over $100. You only pay $40 a month to get it all! Check it out here and let the fun begin!

Supply Pod from Outer Places:

Supply Pod Subscription

Supply Pod is new to the subscription game, but it is one of the coolest subscriptions I’ve come across. Each month, you or someone you love a whole lot will receive a themed box packed full of sci-fi and science-y goodness. The themes are based around new sci-fi releases and scientific events. Order by December 18th to get in on the Force Awakens: Stars Wars Box! For $48 per month (a little more than most boxes, but it looks amazing) you can get someone stoked with nerdy goodness. Check them out now!

Dollar Shave Club:

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This subscription works for men and women, and you can save a metric crap-ton on razors! For anywhere from $3-9, you will receive the razor of your choice AND extra cartridges every single month. It’s nuts. Literally. Especially when you’re typically paying $16 for 4 razors in the store. No more of that nonsense. This is absolutely the only way to shave. And they don’t just do razors, you can customize your box with other shaving and styling products. Go check them out here before you get all stubbly!


Penny BarkBox

I couldn’t leave out our furry friends. As a BarkBox subscriber, I can tell you that your dog will love it. Mine waits for hers to arrive, presumably because she can smell the treats every time I bring a BarkBox into the house! “It might be mine! It might have treats!” She loves it. For just $30 per month (with the month-to-month option), your pup will get 5-6 different goodies each month. It usually includes 4 different treats and 2 new toys each month. Our canine friends do so much for us without even trying. Go treat your pup, or a pup you love, now!


Even though I am not a cat owner, I couldn’t forget them, either. CatPax is a subscription box for our feline buddies. As with BarkBox, every month you and your kitty will receive a box full of treats, toys, and sometimes, even costumes and grooming gear. The possibilities are endless. Just $26 (month-to-month price) to include your furry friend in the joy of receiving magical mail gifts. And CatPax donates 10% of their proceeds to cat shelters and rescue groups. It’ll make you snuggle your pet a little closer knowing you’re also helping a pet in need! Click here to sign up.

Happy long-distance gift giving!

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