Finding new and exciting gifts for the kiddos every year always poses a challenge for me. I want to get them something I think they’ll use a lot or that will grow them in some way, or encourage them to try something new. So, this year, I’m checking out a few different subscriptions (the gift that keeps on giving) instead of, say, a coloring book that is going to inevitably end up buried somewhere with 3 pages done. Half way.

I loved the options below for lots of different reasons. And a big plus? These can be sent anywhere, to anyone (primarily in the US and Canada), and I don’t have to deal with the million other people tearing apart the toy aisle. Whether you are a parent, a friend, an aunt or uncle, grandparent, WHOEVER – these are some really cool gift ideas that I’m sure will be a hit. Get a jump on your holiday shopping in 3, 2, 1….

Nerd Block Junior

$14 per month For the mini-nerds, Nerd Block Jr. has two options: one for girls and one for boys (but we say make your choice based on your child’s preference, not his or her gender). Recommended ages are 6-11 for the possibility of small parts. Each month your child will get 4-6 handpicked items that will vary in genre from movies, TV, or video games. Once the items are selected, Nerd Block Jr. does an in-house trial of all of the items. If it is chosen, then it has held up to the Nerd Block motto: “Geek tested, nerd approved.” Check them out here and rock your little ones socks off!

Raddish Kids

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$24 per month

I really loved this idea, it’s a pretty great one I came across. Raddish Kids is a monthly cooking subscription box for ages 3 and up. Each kit includes: 3 family-friendly recipes guides, a skill card with techniques, a creative activity, a shopping list (that is also emailed to you the week your box ships), a Table Talk card deck for conversation around the table, a Raddish patch that you can iron on to your apron or a Raddish Apron, and bonuses like online games, activities, recipes.

Check them out here and get your little ones cookin’!

Groovy Lab in a Box

“Greenhouses” is the theme for this month’s groovy box. Groove on over to our website and click “JOIN NOW!” to do the “E” in STEM! Groovy Engineering Design Challenge: Can you design and build a portable greenhouse that will fit four compostable planter pots using only the materials from your Groovy Lab in a Box? #STEMists do the “E” in #STEM! Engineering Design Challenge in every groovy box! #NationOfMakers#STEMEducation#STEMist#Science#Tech#Engineering#Math#KidActivities#kidscience#HomeSchool#Teacher#StayCurious#TeachersofInstagram#ScienceRocks#DIY#Homeschooling#Scienceisfun#Scienceiscool#education#homeschoolscience#handsonlearning#greenhouse#Sprout#Seed#Photosynthesis#PlantSci#GroovyLabInABox #GroovyLab

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$30 per month Groovy Lab is a STEM ( science, technology, engineering, and math) based subscription box. In each box ,your little STEMist will get everything he or she needs to complete the project, experiment, or challenge for that month, a lab notebook 20+ page guide to the engineering process, and access to Beyond…in a Box website based content. There’s also an option to order a specific subject box without subscribing. This works well for older kids, 8 and up. Check out what they offer here.

M is for Monster

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$55 per month

M is for Monster offers preschool learning boxes for ages 2-6. There are 3 different levels you can buy for your child depending on what they know and what they need to work on. Each box comes with all the supplies (except scissors) for multiple learning activities as well as complete directions. Every month is themed and the activities are set up for weekly learning.

Check out their boxes here and get a little one started on their early learning path!


Little Fun Club

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$25 per month Little Fun Club is a book club for kids. When you subscribe, you choose an age group, ages 0-10 years. You will get 3-4 age appropriate “adventurous” books and sometimes activities, each month. The books steadily become more advanced, so your child will grow with every level. The titles are chosen based on author, awards, topic, and price. Check out the gift options here and start the love of reading!   BrickLoot

$33 per month

BrickLoot is every little builders dream box. Every month is themed and each box contains a custom build set. Other Lego related swag that may be included: t-shirts, exclusive mini-figs, exclusive brick themed items, and Lego compatible brick loot. December’s theme is “Space Flight.”

Check them out here and watch where you are stepping!


Surprise Ride

$30 per month Surprise Ride Box’s really are a surprise. Their themes vary from art to geography to food. Each box comes equipped with all the supplies for 2 projects related to the month’s theme, a book, a snack, and a little gift or two. Every box also comes with a Surprise Ride booklet on the theme, chock full of facts and ideas. There’s even an option to order a past “Ride” in their shop to receive by Christmas. It’s recommended for kids 6-11, but they say with parents’ supervision it can work for younger kids as well. Check the options out here and get your kids on the ride!   Girls Can! Crate

$30 per month

Although I feel like this crate is a little exclusive, I still think it’s a rad idea. The idea of it is to showcase some of history’s most fearless female role models. Each box contains: a Girls Can! Activity book focused around a particular leading lady (with stories, activities, and exclusive stickers), a Focus Character Trait Card, creative play props, and 2-3 creative projects (all materials included) to inspire a love for math, art, science, and more. For ages 4-8.

Check it out here.

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