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Giveaway: The Coffee’s On Us! | International Coffee Day 2019

Happy International Coffee Day 2019 from all of us at Sweatpants & Coffee! We love you guys. No, really. We do! You make this corner of the Internet a cozy, compassionate, fun place, and to show our appreciation, we’re giving away a bag of our delicious, small-batch roasted coffee to five lucky winners! To participate, tell us in the comments how you found us and what you enjoy about Sweatpants & Coffee. Giveaway ends at midnight, 10/1/19.

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24 Comments on Giveaway: The Coffee’s On Us! | International Coffee Day 2019

  1. Love your Facebook posts. That’s how I found you.

  2. I heard about it through my daughter! She post it daily! She loves coffee i love coffee! Coffee is in our veins

  3. The site came up in my Facebook feed one day. I love the inspiration and the fact that we are all included and hate is not allowed to thrive there.

  4. I love your wisdom and it’s so on point! Not to mention my two favorite things are sweatpants and coffee ☕!

  5. I love your posts!

  6. I love y’all and found you on Facebook.

  7. I found you through a friend (a nurse) and love the small batch flavor, always so much better!

  8. We met through a retweet!

  9. I found y’all on Facebook and immediately fell in love with your posts because they so often exactly match my life with coffee! I also love how much they inspire me as well! Thank you!

  10. I found you through a coffee picture post of Nanea’s on Tumblr. I brought up the website that was part of the picture and the rest is history.

  11. I think I saw a shared fb post a couple of years ago, and have been a devoted fan! I love how I can look at S & C and see exactly what I need to see, to give myself a way to get back to balance.

  12. Found you on Facebook. Love your beautiful drawings and quotes.

  13. I found your website through FB’s suggested pages I’d like.

  14. Your quotes popped up in different groups/pages I followed on Facebook. I have left many of them, but still follow yours. Your words are relatable and inspirational. Thank you.

  15. I found you on Facebook and I truly appreciate and like your honest and humorous posts.I share them often with friends and family. Keep it up!

  16. I found your page afew years back and every day i stop by for a smile <3 I'm head over heels for coffee and it's so nice to have a community of fun, caring and understanding people who relate!

  17. I found your page with on Facebook with coffee quotes, caffeine funnies, thoughtful points to consider, helpful reminders, insights, articles, some book and show reviews, even some handy quick and easy recipes and more. Been following ever since.

  18. A friend of mine shared a post on Facebook about coffee. I loved the quote so I checked out the website and found so much more!

  19. Found you on FB. I love your content, especially the wellness content!

  20. Margaret Porter // October 1, 2019 at 5:54 pm // Reply

    I found you on facebook and love your coffee jokes and quotes!

  21. I found you through an Airplanes and Dragonflies email recommendation.

  22. I found your page on a blog giveaway…I love the name of your store and love that big pullover…

  23. I found you by visiting Airplanes and Dragonflies and saw that there was a giveaway for coffee. By taking a look at the site, I like the TV, Movies & Recaps section.

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