The movie, BlacKkKlansman has continued the discussion on race in America, since opening this past week. Experience what many are calling Spike Lee’s best work in decades and learn about the real story of Ron Stallworth. Read Sweatpantsandcoffee’s review HERE.

If you’ve seen the film and stayed for the end credits, you heard Prince performing a traditional spiritual “Mary Don’t You Weep.”

Now you can read the original book and immerse yourself in the music of the film.

We are giving away Five(5) Exclusive BlacKkKlansman Bundles. Each Bundle will come with:

  • A copy of Ron Stallworth’s memoir, BlacKkKlansman
  • A digital download of BlacKkKlansman Score, including an unreleased track from Prince

We’ll be choosing five (5) winners at the end of the month who will win the bundles. There’s no time to waste! Enter below.

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