As an esthetician, I get asked pretty much daily at work, “What can I do to get healthy, glowing skin?” While each person has different needs and preferences, there are six basic rules that can be followed by everyone to make sure your skin is at its healthiest.

  1. Stay hydrated! Drinking around two liters of water a day does quite a bit in helping keep skin clear of blemishes, and the added hydration can also help skin stay firmer over time. If you hate the taste of plain water, try adding some fruit or herbs to it to infuse it. Some favorite add-ins of mine are lemon, cucumber, mint, lime, and raspberries.
  2. Use sunscreen. A sunscreen used during daylight hours will help prevent photoaging – often the most common trigger for early aging. I prefer mineral or physical sunscreens as they’re more effective at blocking UVA rays. Work indoors all day? Still use it – blue lights can age you, too, and even windows don’t filter out UVA and UVB rays.
  3. Remove debris at night. Sunscreen, sweat, dirt, pollution, makeup, food, and other particles attach to your skin during the day, and you need more than one cleanse to effectively remove them. I recommend an oil or balm based cleanser for this cleanse, followed by a foam cleanser.
  4. Wash your face twice. I know the earlier point said this, but I cannot stress this enough. Just an oil cleanse or just a foam cleanser will NOT get your skin clean. You absolutely need both. Even if it’s just at night, the difference it makes in your skin will amaze you.
  5. Keep your sheets clean. Change your sheets once a week (or more often) to ensure the surfaces you’re sleeping on aren’t holding on to old dirt that will just be sitting by your face all night.
  6. Moisturize! Moisturization is something I consider a two-step process as well: a toner and a moisturizer. Toners used to be considered pointless, but they should absolutely be in your routine. They help prep the skin for your moisturizer for it to work more effectively. The dampness of the toner helps drive in your moisturizer, so your creams (and serums if you use them) are more effective.

If you’re doing all these things and still having skin issues, try looking for an esthetician. Even just a consultation during a mini facial can be eye opening for what your skin needs. Make sure your esthetician knows your budget so they can make appropriate product recommendations for you – the last thing you need is to be sold a product you can’t afford to keep using.

Charlotte Smith is an esthetician licensed in Tennessee and Georgia. She’s married to a lumberjack version of Deadpool, is obsessed with huskies, is straight up in quarter-life crisis mode, and loves pretty much anything that could be considered creepy.

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