In a chaotic and uncertain world, it helps to remember that good things are happening around us all the time. We think it’s important to pay attention to the good stuff. Here’s a roundup of uplifting stories to cheer your heart.

Baby with gorgeous head of hair is new Pantene hair model

One-year-old baby Chanco from Japan may be the cuddliest model we’ve ever seen. Little Chanco took the internet by storm in December 2017 when photos of her sporting a lustrous shock of dark, silky hair went viral. What we love even more is that Chanco-chan stars alongside Japanese TV announcer Sato Kondo, who is famed for her stunning, long gray hair. Says P&G’s Japan Hair Care Associate Brand Director Yoshiaki Okura, the campaign is aimed at customers who “want to be positive and make a new start through their hair.”

Greek pilot shares story of how he survived a harrowing terrorist attack by hiding inside a Kabul hotel bed

Just over a year ago, Vasileios Vasileiou, a pilot for Afghani airline Kam Air, was staying at the Intercontinental in Kabul, along with fellow crew members. The hotel was popular with foreign visitors. Just after dinner on January 20, Vasileiou heard an explosion in the lobby. Taliban gunmen had stormed the hotel and would go on to kill 40 people, including many of his friends and coworkers. Realizing that the terrorists were using the room right next to his as a base of operations, Vasileiou quickly took action, cutting a hole in the base of his hotel bed using a small pair of nail scissors and crawled inside. His tale of surviving not just the attack but fire started by the gunmen and then, later, grenades from the international forces who were attempting to mount a rescue, is a remarkable testament to resilience of human spirit.

21-year-old shop technician at auto care center sees unconscious woman in car by side of the road, saves her using CPR he remembered from watching The Office

Who says you don’t learn anything sitting in front of the TV? Jack Scott, a technician at Jack Furrier Tire & Auto Care in Tuscon, Arizona was out doing a test drive on a customer’s vehicle when he noticed a white sedan, hazards blinking, pulled off to the side of the road. When he got closer, he saw a woman unconscious in the driver’s seat, and he realized the car was rolling. He sprung into action, jamming a rock beneath the car’s front wheel and then breaking open the window. The woman was not breathing and did not appear to have a pulse, so Scott, who has no formal training in CPR, began chest compressions. He recalled an episode of The Office in which the character Michael Scott (Steve Carrell) performed CPR on a dummy during a training session to the rhythm of “Staying Alive” by The Bee Gees. He even sang the song to himself under his breath. After a minute, the woman began breathing again and threw up. A few minutes later, when paramedics arrived, they told Scott if he hadn’t helped, the situation might have turned out differently. The woman’s daughter, who had received a call from her mother shortly before she passed out, arrived on the scene in time to see her being taken to the hospital. Scott, whose mother died when he was 16, causing him to quit school to begin working in order to help care for his 14-year-old sister, was glad to help. He said, “Now when I look at a girl, I imagine, what if that was my sister on the side of the road or my mom on the side of the road? Unfortunately my mom isn’t here to see that, but it’s mainly for her. To be honest, it’s all for her.” He hopes to complete his high school education (he’s shy just one credit) and become certified in CPR.

Missing dog returns home with pals in tow – another dog and a goat

Bo, a black Labrador who lives in Concordia, Kansas, with his owners Kyle and Laura Krier, went missing overnight when he snuck away presumably to pee and then did not return. His family was understandably worried, and Kyle Krier set out in his truck to find Bo after receiving a tip the next morning. When he spotted the wayward canine across a field, some six miles from home, Krier was surprised to see Bo had two companions, a goat and another dog. The animals were happily running together. Naturally, Krier offered them a lift. “Hey, goat! You want to get in my truck, too?” Krier can be heard saying in the video. “Come on, hop in there! Everybody just get in.” No word on what the trio had been up to all night, but they seemed glad of the ride home.

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