In a chaotic and uncertain world, it helps to remember that good things are happening around us all the time. We think it’s important to pay attention to the good stuff. Here is this week’s roundup of uplifting stories.

An 11-year-old boy saved an adult man from drowning

swimming pool

We’ve all played that game where you dive to the bottom of the pool to retrieve a plastic ring, right? Advaik Nandikotkur’s mother remembered how good he was at that when a 34-year-old man sank to the bottom of St. Paul, Minnesota apartment complex’s swimming pool, and when other adults present were unable to help because they did not know how to swim, she urged her son to try. Fortunately for all, Advaik was able to bring the man to the surface where others began lifesaving efforts. The man has made a full recovery.

A young woman bought coffee for a stranger and her thank you note went viral

When 19-year-old Mackenzie Mauller of Union Town, Ohio paid for the coffee of the woman behind her in line at Starbucks, she had no idea how impactful her act of kindness would be, or that the woman actually lived just a few houses away. The woman, Nicole Clawson, and her children were so touched by Mackenzie’s thoughtfulness that they left her a handwritten note, which has now gone viral. Clawson says her children are now inspired to pay it forward.

One family lost a father, another celebrated the birth of a baby – now they have a lasting bond

In January of 2018, Connie Despanie and Benjamin Hall of Lafayette, Georgia were celebrating the birth of their son. Then the hospital workers gave them a note which read: “To my dad’s angel, even though I will never know your name, you are the first child born here after my dad’s passing. When one life is taken, another is given. Please keep my dad in your prayers.” What they didn’t know is that elsewhere in the hospital, Jamie Fontenot was grieving her father James, who had just passed at the age of 86. Fontenot noticed a beautiful song playing and asked what it was; she was told the hospital played that song whenever a baby was born, and the reminder that life continues somehow brought her comfort. She penned the note. In the year since then, the two families have remained friends. Fontenot even attended baby Kingston’s christening.

A woman was rescued from an alleged kidnapping attempt after seeking help in a nearby karate dojo

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a woman reported that a man attempted to force her into his car outside a karate studio. She was able to break away and ran into the building for safety. Randall Ephraim, the head instructor, ended up facing off with the attacker, who claimed he knew the woman. When he fled the scene, students from the dojo chased him down and detained him for police. Police Captain J.D. Thomas noted that it was fortunate that the place where the woman sought help happened to be a karate studio.

You may have heart of Little Free Libraries – now people are making Angel Boxes

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You might have seen them around your town – small wooden boxes called Little Free Libraries which residents stock with books that are free for others to enjoy. In North Logan, Utah, people are erecting Angel Boxes, which function as mini food pantries for those in need. The idea comes from the group Families Feeding Families which encourages people in the community to take what they need and give back what they can. They were inspired to take action after witnessing families who were struggling to put food on the table but who did not qualify for food stamps and were falling through the cracks.

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