In a chaotic and uncertain world, it helps to remember that good things are happening around us all the time. We think it’s important to pay attention to the good stuff. Here’s a roundup of uplifting stories to cheer your heart.

Young father brings his baby to class; professor lulls child to sleep so dad can take notes

A college student had to bring his baby to class. This professor held the girl during lecture so the student could take good notes. from r/pics

26-year-old Wayne Hayer, a senior at Morehouse College, had a tough choice to make. His wife needed to pick up the birth certificate for their daughter, Asada, but due to difficult financial circumstances, the couple relied on public transportation. Hayer wanted to spare wanted to spare her the struggle of doing so with a new baby, but he had to attend class and the rules forbid students from bringing their children into the classroom. When his professor, Nathan Alexander, saw Hayer show up with Asada in a baby carrier, he welcomed him. In fact, Alexander, who is not a parent, offered to hold the baby so that Hayer could take notes unencumbered. Hayer’s fellow students were supportive, and many were glad to see the teacher helping out. Said Hayer, “There’s a negative stereotype about African American men not being fathers to their children and a myth that most black people come from single-parent households. To see a young African American man do it was empowering for people to see. The image and symbolism were important in changing how we view masculinity.” Morehouse, a historically black college, recently celebrated its 152nd anniversary. Nick Vaughn, a classmate, shared a photo of Alexander holding a contended Asada as he taught, which then went viral.

Arkansas high school senior saves up for two years to buy his buddy an electric wheelchair

“He’s just been a really good friend and I wanted to do him a favor,” said Tanner Wilson, a student at Caddo Hills High School of Norman, Arkansas. His friend, Brandon Qualls, who had been using a self-propelled wheelchair which tired out his arms, was moved to tears when surprised with the new wheels. It had taken Wilson two years of saving money from his part-time job  to be able to buy the gift. A teacher at school even helped decorate the chair with orange flames. Wilson says it was “one hundred percent worth it.”

Coach surprises his students with his return from deployment to Afghanistan; they’re overjoyed

Andrew Olson, who coaches football and basketball in Layton, Utah, had been deployed in combat in Afghanistan for five months. When his students were told they would have a guest speaker, they had no idea it would be Olson who came walking through the door. The class of teenage boys erupted in tears, rushing to hug Olson, scrambling over desks and jumping on him. Says Olson’s wife Tina, “He loves them. They’re like his little brothers or kids. He’s a tough coach, very stern and expects a lot but I think it helps the kids respect him because they know he does it from love.” The Olson’s have two young sons who were equally delighted at their father’s return.

Boys Vancouver ski resort act quickly to save 8–year-old dangling from ski lift

When a group of teens spotted an 8-year-old boy dangling impossibly from a ski lift as his father struggled to hold onto him, they sprang into action. 14-year-old James MacDonald could see that the child was becoming agitated and that there was no time to lose. Using some nearby netting from a fence meant to demarcate unsafe areas, Macdonald and his friends, Ethan Harvey, Josh Ravensbergen, and Gabriel Neilson created a makeshift safety net beneath the boy. Neilson then urged the child to remove his skis and asked the father to trust them. He did, releasing his hold on the boy. The teens caught him in the net. Miraculously, the child, who was attended to by the staff that the Grouse Mountain resort, was uninjured.

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