Today is one of the most wonderful days of the year: National Cake Day! Can I get a “hooray!?” There’s no need to wait for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion to enjoy a slice. It’s always a great day for cake, and with these mouth-watering recipes including Bourbon Layer Cake with Bourbon with Bourbon Ganache and Milk Chocolate Buttercream, Blackberry Lavender Cake, and S’mores Layer Cake with Homemade Fluff, there’s something here for every cake lover!

1. Confetti Angelfood Cake with Fluffy Icing from The Little French Bakery

From the website: “I’m making confetti angel food cake. It’s the one I always requested as a little girl. This time it’s from scratch. Skip the Funfetti, and let’s make cake!”

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2. Bourbon Layer Cake with Bourbon Ganache and Milk Chocolate Buttercream from Love and Olive Oil

From the website: “Bourbon buttermilk cake. Bourbon chocolate ganache. Milk chocolate buttercream. And I did not skimp on the bourbon, either. There’s a half a cup in the cake alone. You can literally smell the aroma the second you cut into it.”

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3. Cranberry Orange Cake from Liv for Cake

From the website: “Something about the sweet-tart flavor is irresistible. Maybe the fact that they’re not as cloyingly sweet as a lot of desserts or that they just feel more refreshing. I don’t know. They are delicious!”

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4. Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich Cake from Sugar Hero!

From the website: “Making the cake itself couldn’t be easier. It’s a basic pound cake recipe, so the cake is nice and firm for slicing in half. I filled it with a thick layer of peanut butter frosting, and topped it with homemade strawberry jam (but store-bought jam would work just as well!)”

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5. Hummingbird Cake from Cooking Classy

From the website: “I think of this cake as banana cake meets the tropics, in that it is loaded with bananas, laced with fresh pineapple and covered in sweet, toasted coconut. It will remind you a lot of banana bread, but with a bonus of decadent cream cheese frosting of course. There are so many delicious flavors and perfect textures in this cake.”

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6. Lemon Blueberry Cake from Beyond Frosting

From the website: “This Lemon Blueberry cake is the bomb you guys. The layers of moist lemon cake are loaded with sweet blueberries. In between each layer of cake is mascarpone whipped cream and a tangy lemon curd. One of my girlfriends described this cake as not overly sweet but loaded with flavor. It’s a crowd favorite. Of course, the lemon and blueberry are a match made in heaven.”

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7. Blackberry Lavender Cake from Sally’s Baking Addiction

From the website: “It’s buttery soft with a tight crumb, blackberry filling, cream cheese frosting, and delicate flavor of aromatic lavender. Not hand soapy in the slightest. If new cake flavors excite you, you are definitely going to enjoy this cake!”

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8. Chilled Raspberry Almond Cake from Creme de la Crumb

From the website: “Two layers  of white cake loaded with fresh raspberries. Stuff some raspberry buttercream and raspberry jam in the middle, then cover the whole thing in an almond-flavored meringue frosting. Mmmmmm. Almond. But wait! Top it with more raspberries and slivered almonds.”

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9. S’mores layer Cake with Homemade Fluff from Baran Bakery

From the website: “If I recall correctly, someone who tasted this cake said ‘Is this girl married? Cuz if not, then all she needs to do to get married is bake this cake!'”

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10. Turtle Chocolate Layer Cake from Life, Love, and Sugar

From the website: “This Turtle Chocolate Cake is made with super moist chocolate cake, caramel sauce, chopped pecans and caramel buttercream! It’s like turtle candies in cake form and it’s heavenly!”

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Kirsten Clark is a high school English and Social Studies teacher, a reader, a runner, a writer, a lover of good food, and most importantly, a new mom. Kirsten lives in Vermilion, Alberta with her husband, and since welcoming a baby boy last December, she is embracing the new adventure of motherhood with all of its ups and downs. She occasionally blogs at, and posts regularly on Instagram @kirstenlanae. Find her on Twitter also.

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