We wanted to step out of the box a little more this month. Try something new. And I am just so happy that we did. I was looking at some of the Past Boxes on the Greet & Gather website and just thought, “what a great idea to have the starter pieces of a get together sent to you?”. Look at how perfect this box is?

Simply put, Greet & Gather is a box curated for entertaining. It’s about creating a space you want to share with other’s over tea, or brunch, or dinner; whatever you want to make of it. Essentially they send you the inspiration and you just run with it. Every month is themed with items like these Brass Spreading knives that are just begging to be displayed on the perfect cheese plate.

Or this Ceramic Honey Jar… I am still giving it all of the heart eyes every time I look at it on my counter. It has even made me rethink my kitchen décor (which could turn into a whole other project) since I didn’t think I would love those blue florals so much.

This spoon rest just feels like Spring doesn’t it? It has that sweet little teal border on it. With the wooden spoons and the pinstriped oven-mit?

And this pot holder looks like it has been well-worn in some farmhouse.

I would’ve never bought myself cloth napkins (Yes, seriously. No, not even for special occasions because

I never think to have them) but I love how simple and versatile these grey striped napkins are.

I just feel like you get so much bang-for-your-buck here. At $39.99 a month I couldn’t have bought all these items for that.

–          6 cloth napkins

–          2 hand-dipped wooden spoons

–          1 ceramic spoon rest

–          1 ceramic honey pot

–          2 stamped brass spreading knives

–          1 oven mitten

–          1 pot holder

It’s a total steal and would make such a great gift for a friend!

But don’t take my word for it. See what they’re working on at Greet & Gather below:

Greet & Gather Website

Greet & Gather Facebook

Greet & Gather Instagram

So don’t you miss out on this and so much more in our Bloom #TreatYoSelfTote2018!



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