I’m not gonna lie, that opening quote has me a little worried. The rumors are that a main character won’t make it to the next season. My money is on Juliette. It figures… just as she and Nick are getting things straightened out, and I’ve decided she doesn’t completely suck.

The Baron and Prince Eric are enjoying brandy and cigars in Prince Eric’s room at the Gregory. La-dee-dah. The Baron reports that everything should be ready by tomorrow night. Prince Eric asks to see the Baron “work”, and offers up one of his employees, Lucas, to be zombie-fied. “Fantastic! Is he in pain?” Damn, that’s cold.

Nick and Juliette are finally having the conversation they should have had halfway through the first season. They profess their love and start making out. And I actually start to buy them as a couple.


The Baron is having some sort of Voodoo party with his zombies. He says some stuff in French, and unleashes them on the city.

Back in Austria, Frau Pech is doing her witchy Hexenbeast thing, making some sort of potion with herbs, a dead bug, and a vial she takes out of a box labeled “doppelganger”.

Monroe and Rosalie are finally having that dinner date they’ve been trying to have for two episodes now. It feels like it’s about to be the Sex Date because they’re both acting nervous and Rosalie is being neurotic about whether or not he really liked what she cooked for him. We’re all awkwardly waiting for someone to make the first move, when Monroe mentions that Nick isn’t home. Rosalie suggests they clean up the dinner dishes in the morning, and kisses him.

Castle Spy contacts Captain Renard to tell him about the files he found in Prince Eric’s desk. Two of the files have death certificates and body transport permits. One file is empty, and the label reads Thomas Schirach.

Zombie Lucas is forcing his way onto one of the Portland Arial Tram cars.

Adalind is in her hotel, getting some room service which includes red wine. Oh, those crazy Europeans and their first trimester imbibing. The waiter meets with Frau Pech in the hall and gives her the room key. Whatever she dosed that wine with must have been some good stuff, because Adalind is already unconscious. Frau Pech uses a syringe to take fluid out of the back of Adalind’s neck.

The other zombies are wreaking some havoc in downtown Portland.

Nick and Juliette are reunited and it feels so good. Over their morning after coffee, they make plans for dinner that night.

After the opening credits, Nick has finally pulled himself away from Juliette and is meeting with Renard at the station. Renard tells him his brother is in town, and that he’s a prince who wields a lot of power in the Family. He also tells Nick that Eric’s mother tried to murder his mother and him. I guess she didn’t much like her husband cheating on her. Nick guesses that Eric is after the key, which he is, but so are all the other Royal Families. Renard takes a call from Eric and puts it on speaker phone so Nick can hear. He really seems to be going out of his way to get Nick to trust him. I’m not entirely sure that’s a good thing. Wu interrupts to tell them about the “drug-fueled crime wave” going on downtown.


Nick and Wu enter a building and hear some zombie-growling coming from upstairs. Zombie Lily grabs Wu and bites his leg up pretty good. Which is actually the first zombie-like thing the zombies have done besides growl a lot. She charges Nick, who ducks, and she falls out the second story window onto a police car, then gets up and runs away. I guess that’s a pretty zombie-like thing to do. It takes three officers to finally subdue her.

Zombie Tow Truck Guy attacks Nick, and Nick knocks him out by slamming his head against the brick wall. Hank arrives on his crutches, with his busted up Achilles tendon, to… assist, I guess? Nick tells him they need to get the knocked out Zombie Guy to the spice shop. They somehow get him into Nick’s trunk without the 28 cops on the street noticing what they are doing.

They handcuff Zombie Tow Truck Guy and get Monroe and Rosalie all caught up on who the Baron is and what he’s doing. Rosalie, of course, knows what to do. Apparently the zombiefication can be reversed if treatment is administered during Stage 4, which is the stage where they wake up and get all violent. That’s rather inconvenient. As is the treatment, which is three simultaneous shots with the biggest needle I’ve ever seen.

Back at the station, Nick has identified Zombie Tow Truck Guy – his name is Alan. Hank realizes they’ve had 19 missing persons reports over the last day.

Alan wakes up and is quite displeased. Rosaile gets the dose ready and injects him while Monroe holds him down.

Nick and Hank contact the tow company and realize the Baron was Alan’s last call before he went missing. The Baron was driving a Buick he took from one of his other zombies.

Frau Pech mixes the fluid she took from Adalind into her doppelganger vial and drinks it. She becomes Adalind and Adalind becomes her. Poor Adalind. Frau Adalind answers Adalind’s phone, and it’s Stefania calling to say they’ve found a way to deal with Frau Pech.

Wu has found the Buick abandoned near a shipyard.

Captain Renard arrives for his meeting with Prince Eric. He gets all tough and sexy with Eric’s bodyguard. I’m reminded of how tough and sexy Sasha Roiz was when he played Sam Adama on the cancelled-too-soon Caprica, and I’m sad. We learn the two brothers haven’t seen each other since Renard was 13 and his mother ran off with him to keep them from being murdered. Prince Eric calls that “blood under the bridge” and says they need to establish a proper working relationship. He goes so far as to suggest Renard could be welcomed back into the Family. Eric knows Nick has the key, and laments the fact that Nick has proven to be such a “tremendously effective” Grimm. They talk about Adalind losing her powers, and it seems understood they both know that they both hit that. Eric lays on the come back to the Family, brother, pretty thick. Renard says he’ll think about it.

Nick, Hank, and Wu are checking out the abandoned Buick and its trunk full of voodoo things. They wonder why the Baron would abandon it there (there being across from the shipyard where the Baron is keeping his zombies). Nick wonders why the Baron is being so obvious in general – he made sure Nick saw him at the crime scene and at the hospital, he knew they would hear his voice on the call to the tow truck company. Sweet Jesus, Nick, are you the worst detective ever? You are being set up.

Alan is awake and no longer zombie-fied. He has no idea why he’s at the spice shop or what happened to him.

Nick keeps his dinner date with Juliette. She asks how his day was and if he wants to tell her about it, and he realizes he can actually do that now. As he’s telling her about the Baron and what he does, I think that maybe the Baron’s trap involves getting to Juliette as a way to force Nick to give up the key. Juliette does the supportive girlfriend thing pretty well, and invites him to move back in. Yeah, this is going too well for a season finale. Monroe calls to tell Nick that Alan is awake and he needs to get down there. In a move that surprises me, and earns Juliette a few more points, she says she’s going with him.

Frau Adalind arrives to see Stefania, anxious to learn what she’s going to do to get rid of Frau Pech. Something tells me Stefania is not as stupid as Frau Pech thinks she is. Stefania tells her she has known Frau Pech a long time and they can anticipate each other’s moves. Mmhmm. Stefania tells her they need to have Frau Pech’s heart, because they need the still-beating heart of a Hexenbeast to restore Adalind’s power.  She will invite Frau Pech over and have one of her sons sneak up behind her and wrap a cord around her throat. And right about then, one of Stefania’s sons sneaks up behind her and wraps a cord around her throat. Stefania stabs her and pulls her heart out through her stomach. The real Adalind wakes up on her hotel room floor, sees the pile of Frau Pech’s clothes, and realizes their ruse worked. She says, “Ding dong, the witch is dead”, and I snort because that is exactly the kind of corny dialogue that makes me love this show.

Alan’s memories are coming back, and he remembers being taken to a big “dark box” with a lot of other zombies. He remembers hearing a horn, and the color green. Nick uses the detective skills he apparently does possess, and deduces the Baron is at the shipyard across from where they found the abandoned car. Nick decides they should go there and take lots of the antidote with them. Juliette says she wants to help. Rosalie points out that Juliette could actually be useful, as she’s a veterinarian and they will be giving injections with a big ass needle. Monroe makes a lame joke about Voodoo Doughnuts and I get sad that I don’t live in Eugene anymore because they have the best doughnuts ever. They wonder why the Baron is starting his “revolution” in Portland and Nick mentions he thinks it has something to do with a member of the Royal Family being in Portland. You think? Nick gives the key to Rosalie, and she hides it in the spice shop.


Nick, Juliette, Rosalie, and Monroe arrive at the shipyard and decide to start with the green containers. Rosalie hopes they find the zombies one at a time since they only have one big ass needle. It occurs to me that this is a very, very bad plan. AND ALSO A TRAP. The Baron lets his zombies out and they start running amok in the shipyard. Our fearless heroes manage to inject two with the antidote, but quickly realize they are way outnumbered. Monroe wants to shoot some of them, but Nick refuses because they are innocent victims. Nick asks if anyone else has the feeling they just walked into a trap. Nick, some of us had that feeling five scenes ago.

They run for the car, and Nick takes off in a different direction to draw some of them away. He sees the Baron on top of a shipping container, laughing and taunting him, and he chases after him instead of running away because he’s a dumbass. I may or may not have woken up my sleeping toddler by yelling at the TV. They fence a little bit and then fall through a trapdoor into the container. Nick finds a voodoo altar and a coffin, and STILL DOES NOT RUN AWAY. He opens the coffin and finds a passport for Thomas Schirach with his picture. To the surprise of no one, the Baron is behind him and spits the green goo in his face.

Outside Rosalie, Monroe, and Juliette have made it to the truck. They quickly get surrounded by zombies.


Eric arrives at the container to pick up “Mr. Schirach” because he has a plane to catch. Zombie Nick is in the coffin.

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