“Tell me O’Muse, from whatsoever source you may know them.”

Juliette is in the kitchen checking out her cat scratch and having more memories of the night Nick told her he was a Grimm and the show made the very poor decision to use amnesia as a Keep the Happy Couple Apart plot device.

Monroe is in his kitchen unloading  groceries from the Farmer’s Market out of his reusable bag and getting excited about the veggie steaks he scored. He is SO Portland. Nick takes a phone call and YAY HANK IS BACK.

Hank and Nick meet for coffee at an artsy coffee shop, also very Portland, and talk about how Hank tore his Achilles tendon ziplining in Hawaii with his ex-wife. Interesting. They hear a gunshot and it’s time to meet our monster of the week.

People are running out of a bookstore, where Nick finds an author slumped over his book-signing table. Upstairs a Wesen named Anton is arguing with a girl named Chloe, saying they need to get out of there because “You are mine!” He seems a little possessive and controlling to me. Nick pulls Chloe away, and chases after Anton, who of course gets away.

Wu reports that Chloe is the girlfriend of the shooting victim, and Anton is her ex-boyfriend. Nick and Hank interview Chloe, and her story is that Anton has been following and harassing her. She didn’t report it to the police because guys have a history of falling for her pretty hard. Ok, then. She does a flirty damsel in distress, you’re my hero routine with Nick, kissing his hand. Immediately after the kiss, Nick gets all giggly and aw, shucks, ma’am. After all the rejection he’s suffered from Juliette this past year, he is ripe for the pickin’.

Nick, Hank, and Wu head over to Anton’s place, and in true stalker fashion, it’s covered in paintings of Chloe. They find a painting of the bookstore murder, and the premeditation means things really aren’t looking good for Anton.

Juliette calls Nick to invite him over for dinner and instead of being all, “Yippee!”, he’s looking at the pictures of Chloe and is all, “Whatever.”

Nick heads over to Chloe’s to do a little “follow-up” which is apparently a euphemism for making out with a witness in a police investigation. Juliette is lighting candles for her dinner with Nick, and I want to feel sorry for her, but I just can’t. She phones Monroe, who is also making dinner for Nick, to ask him if Nick said whether or not he still likes her. Maybe she could have just sent Nick a note: Do you like me, check yes or no. Monroe reassures her and sadly puts away his veggie steaks.

Chloe is explaining to Nick how men end up wanting her, but it never ends well, usually violently. I’m distracted by watching Nick in a scene with a woman he actually has chemistry with. She shows him that she’s a pretty fairy-looking Wesen, realizes he’s a Grimm, and freaks out a little. Nick’s about to reassure her with some more making out, when Monroe calls to chat about his dinner with Juliette. What a cock-blocker. Geez, Nick, you can let some calls go to voicemail, you know.

Nick heads over to his dinner with Juliette. He comments that the place looks great, and you know, it does look great. It’s a beautiful house in a nice area.  I used to live in Oregon, my husband is from Portland, so we know what the housing market is like there. Apparently being a veterinarian and a detective pay quite well, is all I’m saying.

Nick gets right to the point, asking why she wanted to see him. She apologizes for treating him so unfairly these “last few weeks” (umm, do you mean the whole last year, and also the part where you almost had sex with his boss?) but he isn’t listening because he’s walked out of the room to stare dreamily out the window and think about Chloe. HAHAHA Juliette this is what you deserve. I find myself wishing Nick was really moving on with someone else instead of just being under the spell of a Wesen ho.

Nick leaves in the middle of her telling him that she remembers him and how they felt about each other, and heads back to Monroe’s to be distracted and weird. And frankly, kind of rude. Apparently this ho spell is bad news. Juliette calls Monroe and is all, seriously, does Nick like me or what? Did he tell you in gym class that he was still mad at me?

Monroe calls Hank to tattle on Nick for acting like a d-bag, and Hank says he’ll try to figure out what’s going on. He meets Nick for a beer at a trendy Portland nightspot. Nick has drawn a picture of Chloe as a Wesen. Some drunk guy in the bar sees the drawing and wants to show it to his girlfriend who loves comic books and sci-fi stuff, and is obviously very cool. Nick flips out and punches the guy in the stomach. Hank breaks up the fight with his police badge and his crutches.

Hank takes the drawing over to Monroe’s to see what he and Rosalie know. They talk about how Nick has been acting lately, and realize he’s probably useless to them. They head over to the trailer. This is Rosalie’s first time seeing Aunt Marie’s trailer, and she’s amazed at what is in there. They search Nick’s Grimm-y books to find out what type of Wesen Chloe is. She’s a Musai.

Monroe reads the Grimm’s Musai account from the book. Back in the day, Gauguin and Van Gogh got into a knife fight over a prostitute (see, I told you she was a ho). Her influence was blamed for Van Gogh’s madness, and that unfortunate ear-cutting-off business.

They wonder where Nick is, and we see someone breaking into Chloe’s apartment. The next day at the precinct, Nick is vague with Hank about where he spent the night. Hank tries to tell Nick what he found out about Chloe, but Nick doesn’t want to hear it. Hank shows Nick and Captain Renard security camera footage of Anton breaking into a paint store, and tells them about previous local cases of artists and novelists killing each other or committing suicide after dating Chloe.

Rosalie and Monroe are reading up on Musais, and it’s not good news. Their lips secrete a psychotropic substance that causes obsessive desire, and there appears to be no cure. As she’s theorizing that only the real thing, true love, can cure Nick, Juliette walks into the shop. Hey, I see what they did there! Juliette tells them she wants to go back to the trailer, alone. I’m distracted by the totally cute aqua peacoat Juliette is wearing.

Hank, Wu, and Renard are at Union Station checking out the super cool street art of Chloe that Anton made with the stolen paint. Street art is SO Portand. Nick has wandered off again.

Juliette is wearing her aqua peacoat at the trailer, remembering what Nick told her about the Wesen and being a Grimm. Monroe and Rosalie call Hank to tell him there is nothing they can do to help Nick other than to try to keep him away from Chloe. Juliette returns to the shop to talk to Monroe and Rosalie about how she didn’t believe the things Nick told her because they seemed crazy, but now she is starting to. She tells them she needs to see Nick right away to tell him that she believes him. Her timing sucks, because Nick is headed over to Chloe’s for some more ”follow-up”.

Nick tells Chloe he needs her, and she tells him he’ll have to prove it, and by the way, Anton is there.  Nick and Anton fight while Chloe looks on approvingly. Renard arrives just in time to stop Nick from killing Anton.

Monroe and Rosalie are trying to explain to Juliette why Nick has been acting the way he has, and she tells them she knows about Wesen. What’s happening to Nick now is similar to what happened with her and Renard, except there is no antidote they can give Nick.

Renard and Hank are interrogating Chloe, telling her she needs to leave Nick alone. She says she’s never known how to stop it, that it’s not her fault, and besides, Nick’s a hottie and she doesn’t feel like stopping it.

Monroe, Rosalie, and Juliette have come to the station to see Nick, and wouldyalookatthat, he’s wandered off yet again. Except this time he’s left behind a drawing of Anton dead in his jail cell. They find him pointing a gun at Anton. Juliette touches his face and makes him look at her, breaking the ho’s spell with the magical power of Twoo Wuv.

Renard goes back to the interrogation room to tell Chloe he is going to let her go, then shows her his Hexenbeast face as he tells her to leave Portland. Hmm… maybe we’ll be seeing this character again.

Cathy Elmore is a writer for Sweatpants & Coffee. She also writes for Gridiron Girl when she isn’t chasing after her baby girl.

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