We open in the Royal Family’s palace in Vienna where Adalind is cozying up to Prince Eric (Captain Renard’s brother). He bemoans the fact that he didn’t get to sleep with her before she lost her Hexenbeast powers. Which is frankly rather insulting if you ask me. Just as she gets her dress off, he has to take a call from his daddy. She eavesdrops as Eric is discussing a dastardly plan with his father. He ends the call by saying, “Oh please, you slept with a Hexenbeast, too, and look where that got us.” Oooh, burn!

Nick is dropping Juliette off at her house after the unfortunate Musai incident from last week. She tells him again that her memories are coming back and gives him a pretty sincere apology for the way she’s behaved toward him. They agree to try to work things out, starting with dinner tomorrow night. By the end of the scene, I’ve decided that maybe Juliette is ok after all. I can’t say I like her yet, but she’s definitely moved up to ok. That super cute peacoat she’s still wearing is helping.

Wu and another officer are responding to a domestic disturbance. When they enter the residence, they see that it’s trashed, and find a woman’s body on the floor. The suspect attacks them, and Wu (seriously, give this guy a bigger role) kicks some ass, then his partner shoots the suspect. His eyes are all red and green mucous seeps from his wounds.

Back in Vienna, Stefania has come to see Adalind. She tells Adalind that there is a way for her to regain her powers in exchange for the baby she’s carrying. I’m really touched by her maternal instincts. Stefania tells her it will be “difficult and uncomfortable”, but they can discuss the details later. First she needs Adalind to sign a contract. This is all kinds of shady. Adalind agrees with me and tells her that since she’s a lawyer there is no damn way she’s signing something she can’t even read. Stefania forces her hand onto the paper, where it leaves a bloody handprint.

Nick, Hank, and Wu are at the crime scene. They can’t figure out the cause of the death, because the victim doesn’t have any apparent injuries.  As Nick and Hank are leaving, Nick notices an interesting looking fella wearing a top hat and carrying a cane hanging out with the other gawkers outside.

Back at the station, Nick has identified the victim and Hank has identified the suspect. The victim has a long history of solicitation and drug use, the suspect has some minor criminal history, but nothing violent. They assume he hired her for the night, but don’t understand why they would break into a house just so he can trash it and kill her. Hank finds a death certificate for the suspect, dated three days ago. A clerical error?

Adalind is at a fancy restaurant for a meeting with a Mr. Krieger. Frau Pech appears and sits down with her. She seems salty that Adalind made a deal with Stefania, and warns her that if the Royals find out she is pregnant, she might be worth more dead than alive.

Hank and Nick are chatting with the M.E. and they all agree that the previous death certificate must have been a clerical error. They still aren’t sure what’s up with the green slime, but they’ve ruled out the usual drugs and alcohol.

Monroe is working on one of his clocks when he hears a knock at his door. It’s Juliette, wearing a not nearly as cute red coat. She tells him that she remembers Nick bringing her over to show her something the night she learned Nick was a Grimm. She wants to know what it was, and she’s not leaving until he shows her. Bud is there fixing Monroe’s fridge and wonders what she wants. Monroe says she’s there for a Volga. Bud has a pretty awesome meltdown, especially after he realizes Monroe intends to do it. Bud manages to talk him into doing it in Rosalie’s spice shop so at least they have smelling salts or something when Juliette inevitably freaks out.

Hank and Nick are at the hospital interviewing the ER doctor who pronounced the suspect dead three days ago. The doctor confirmed the suspect was dead before he got there. According to their records, his body should still be in the morgue. Nick sees Top Hat and Cane guy at the hospital, and follows him. And promptly loses him. For a cop, Nick is exceedingly bad at following people.

Juliette, Monroe, and Bud arrive at the spice shop. Monroe and Rosalie agree that they don’t want to lie to Juliette anymore. Monroe starts Volga-ing, and Rosalie stops him, wisely suggesting that maybe they shouldn’t start with a big, scary blutbad.

Hank and Nick confirm the body is no longer in the morgue, meanwhile the “dead” victim wakes up just as the M.E. starts the autopsy.

Rosalie shows Juliette that she’s a Fuchsbau, and as suspected, she freaks out and runs out of the spice shop. But… in a move that makes me respect Juliette just a little bit more (not like, I did not say like) she comes right back. She asks Monroe what he is, and they decide that maybe Bud should go next. Poor Bud is still so freaked out that he Volgas accidentally, and then can’t remember that he’s an Eisbiber. Juliette seems to be taking this surprisingly well. Monroe goes next. Juliette takes that surprisingly well, too. She asks a few more questions, then asks for a drink. They all agree a drink is an excellent idea.

Adalind calls tell Stefania to tell her that Frau Pech threatened her and told her not to trust Stefania. Stefania tells her that she is better off trusting her than a Hexenbeast. Oooh, burn! Stefania tells Adalind she will handle Frau Pech.

Back at the station, Wu tells Hank and Nick that the dead woman isn’t so dead after all, and they should head over to the hospital to talk to her. Hank and Nick leave before he can finish his sentence. Poor Wu.

Frau Pech meets with Renard’s castle spy to demand an audience with Prince Eric so she can tell him that someone outside the Family is carrying a child with royal blood. Traitorous bitch.

Top Hat Guy is hovering ominously over the not really dead victim in her hospital bed. “Welcome back.” By the time Nick and Hank get there, she’s already gone.

Castle Spy – no, really, that’s how he’s credited in all the episodes he’s been in – calls Captain Renard to tell him what he just learned from Frau Pech. Renard is pleased his spy called him first. They don’t know who the father or mother-to-be is, but decide they need to make an offer for the baby, too. Renard says his brother will steal the baby and not pay anyone, because he’s a dick like that.

Nick and Hank check the surveillance footage and see Top Hat Guy wheeling the victim out of the hospital. Wu calls to tell them the tox report is back, and the suspect had high levels of a hallucinogenic drug in his system. It causes a “Lazarus syndrome” and violent, erratic behavior. They tell Wu the victim is now missing and he says, “This is getting too weird, even for Portland”.

Top Hat Guy is a Wesen, and is spitting some sort of green slime into the face of a tow truck guy. I’m guessing that’s the hallucinogenic substance Wu was talking about.

Nick is in the trailer, searching his books. He finds an entry on a “Voodoo Priest” called The Baron, who looks remarkably like Top Hat Guy. His green spit induces a death like trance. Next we see The Baron attack a city bus full of people. Portland hippies are fond of riding the bus. Something about carbon footprints.

Prince Eric calls Renard and asks him to carve out some Family time. He’s in Portland and wants to go over some business they have. This can’t be good. Renard calls his spy to thank him for the heads up that his brother was coming to town. They agree the Family must be planning a big move if Prince Eric went to such lengths to keep his visit a secret.

The Baron has a big ass trailer full of the zombie people he has made. As he leaves, the camera pans out over dozens of the trailers in storage facility or shipyard. I’m pretty sure they’re implying that all of those trailers are filled with his zombie army. This really can’t be good.

Hank and Nick tell Renard they have figured out what The Baron is, but they have no idea what he is doing with the people he’s turning.

Back in Vienna, Castle Spy is spying. He breaks into Prince Eric’s desk and finds files containing death certificates and passports with no photos.

Nick and Hank stop by the spice shop, and Monroe, Rosalie, and Bud tell them that Juliette knows what they are. As Monroe puts it, she knows the truth now, and she’s either going to accept him for what he is or she’s not. I’m super relieved that this part of the storyline is over. Watching Juliette be a mean dumbass was not very entertaining, and honestly, I’ve spent most of the last two seasons wondering why Nick and Juliette were even a couple in the first place.

Prince Eric is in his hotel room making fun of Portland, which let’s face it, is easy to do. The jokes, they write themselves. The Baron arrives and they greet each other warmly. Ruh-roh.

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