Caveat: some of the following Tweets contain language that is NSFW because Twitter has VERY strong opinions regarding baked potatoes. Honestly, if you’re at work, what are you doing on the Internet right now?

It all started with this provocative and controversial Tweet from television producer David Stassen:

The response was immediate and unequivocal:

Stassen attempted to clarify Brooklyn 99 actress Chelsea Peretti’s Tweet:

And was promptly rebuffed:

Stassen sought help from those in power:

Some followers expressed worry for Stassen:

Or gave cautionary advice:

Chef David Chang, founder of Momofuku and star of the Netflix series Ugly Delicious defiantly Tweeted:

To which Stassen replied:

An incensed Chang decided harsh measures were called for:

Actor and comedian Ike Barinholtz concurred:

Stassen once more took his concerns to higher authorities:

No word on whether Stassen’s pleas for help were answered.

As the loaded baked potato debate raged on, the Sweatpants & Coffee editorial staff discussed our position on this crucial issue:

Emily Parker:Who bothers with a plain baked potato? LOL! I’m not a person who needs bacon on everything, but I’ll take mine with salt, pepper, butter, sour cream, cheddar cheese, and sunflower seeds.

Shandle Blaha:LOADED FOR LIFE. Except chives, keep that lil’ green shit off my potato-y goodness.”

Jessica Hancock:Full agreement with the team. Loaded or die. Who the hell eats just a potato? What is this the 1700s?” and “Plain potatoes make me think of the apocalypse. Like when there’s no other option.”

Nanea Hoffman:So, we concur: baked potatoes are fluffy condiment boats.

Emily Parker:If you don’t have at least three things on your potato, what the hell are you doing?

Where do you stand on this matter?

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