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My hair and I have a love-hate relationship. Some days, usually when no one will see it, it listens to me and does what I tell it to, other days “wavy” becomes “frizzy” and my scalp goes from normal to itchy, and I see far too much of it in the shower drain. I’ve tried all kinds of products in my hair, from drugstore cheap to salon expensive, and some have worked well while others were downright stinkers. All that being said, I think for now I have found what I’m going to stick with: the shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment from Function of Beauty.

Function of Beauty is customized shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatment that is formulated specifically for your hair needs. You choose everything from the color and scent to the oils and additives that your hair needs to address its concerns, making products that are unique to you from millions of possible combinations. Though not inexpensive, I found the products to be comparable to salon product prices and well worth the money spent.

Function of Beauty begins the creation of your personalized haircare with a quiz here.You first answer simple questions about your hair texture and structure as well as one about your level of scalp moisture. Next, you select five hair goals from a list. Mine included color protection, shine, anti-frizz, straighten and strengthen. Choosing your hair goals will show you what oils and additives they put in the products to help you achieve them. For example, choosing “strengthen” will “increase your hair’s resilience and elasticity, stimulate healthy hair growth, and protect your hair from breakage”, with the addition of the key ingredients horsetail extract and evening primrose oil. Choosing “shine” will “enhance your hair’s natural shine, luster and reflection while improving your overall hair health without weighing hair down” through the addition of acaí oil and Amazonian babassu oil. By choosing your hair profile and goals, you tell Function of Beauty how to create the custom mixture to address your hair’s needs.

After getting the business of the formula derived you get to do the fun stuff: deciding how your shampoo and conditioner is going to look and smell. There are several different floral and fruity choices for scents and (the one I chose) an all-natural scent made with a 100% essential oil blend of eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary and peppermint. You can choose the strength of the scent to be light, medium or strong, or, if you are sensitive to those things, you can choose your bottles to be fragrance-free. You can also choose the color of your formula from eight pretty choices, or, again, if you wish, you can choose the dye-free option. You also get to name your formulation. I’m not gonna lie—it’s fairly cool to see “Function of Barbara” on my bottles when I’m sudsing up! The box also came with pumps for the bottles, suggested usage instructions, and a sheet of cute stickers which I know will not improve my hair in any way but I still thought were adorable and fun to include. One word of warning: the bottles come with clear liners in the caps to prevent spillage, and I did not know this so I forced my pumps into the bottles without taking those out, resulting in difficulty in getting the product out of the bottle. Consider yourself warned and be smarter than me!


So now the real question: how did Function of Beauty products work for me? The answer, simply, is really well. I followed the suggestions of washing four to five times per week and conditioning straight after, washing my hair twice with two pumps of product and then conditioning with three to four pumps of product, leaving it in to work while I washed my body. I really enjoyed the look and smell of the product—actually wishing I had made my scent “strong” instead of “medium” because I loved the minty-herbal scent so much. My hair, after washing and conditioning, felt smooth and cared for, and after using the products for a while I noticed what seemed to be less of it in the drain. After getting out of the shower and towel drying a little I would apply the leave in conditioner (one to one-and-a-half pumps, which is less than recommended but seemed to be what my hair could absorb) and my hair felt even more smooth and soft. Blow drying my hair straight was easier than before—strands seemed to go where I wanted them to go and hold the shape after they cooled—and air drying left me with waves that were more curl than frizz.

The best part, though? The quality of my hair seemed to last between shampoos. That blow-dried shape was retained, the strands stayed smooth, and my hair looked clean and fresh. My hair also felt stronger, as it was promised. Slightly thicker, falling out less, and with a little more volume.

Hair is extremely personal, and your mileage may vary, of course. But I can recommend Function of Beauty as well worth the try. I know that I am a convert, and my shower will be featuring Function of Barbara for the foreseeable future.

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